Wyoming Horse Council updates contact information

Updated contact information for the Wyoming Horse Council Board of Directors:

District 1 – Laramie, Platte & Goshen counties:

Bill Gentle, 307-634-1743;

Judy Horton, 307-331-0747;

District 2 – Sweetwater, Carbon & Albany counties

Jack Settlemire, 307-742-7963;

Barbara Burns, 307-742-2461;

District 3 – Teton, Sublette, Lincoln & Uinta counties

Colleen Gillings, 307-886-3356;

District 4 – Sheridan, Johnson & Campbell counties

Jim Purdy, 307-684-2403;

Position open

District 5 – Park, Big Horn, Washakie & Hot Springs Counties

Deb Simpson, 307-527-4066;

Bill Smith, 307-864-5671;

District 6 – Crook, Weston & Niobrara counties

Cindy Gruwell, 307-216-0313;

Clara Wilson, 307-663-7655;

District 7 – Converse, Natrona & Fremont counties

Rod Rivers, 307-856-9704,

Barb Daniels, 307-358-4424,

The purpose of the Wyoming Horse Council is to:

• To promote and protect the Wyoming equine industry.

• To monitor legislation and administrative decisions which would have an impact on the equine industry and/or horsemen.

• To provide an association of persons having a common interest in promoting the equine industry in Wyoming.

• To serve as a means of communication within the industry and spokesman to those outside the industry.