Wyoming open wolf hunting season in Trophy Game Area

Many fall hunting seasons have begun across the state of Wyoming, including wolf hunting seasons in the northwest part of the state. Hunting seasons in each hunt area begin Oct. 1 and end Dec. 31, 2013, except for Hunt Area 12 south of Jackson, which opens Oct. 15 and closes Dec. 31.

As with other Trophy Game species, wolves in these areas are managed under a mortality quota system. The hunting season in each specific wolf area will remain open until the quota for the area is reached, or until Dec. 31, whichever occurs first. All hunters must call the wolf hotline daily (1-800-264-1280) to ensure the quota for wolves in each specific area has not been reached. Wolf Hunt Area 10, southeast of Jackson, which has a quota of one wolf, has been filled.

Hunters harvesting wolves in areas where wolves are classified as Trophy Game Animals are required to report the kill within 24 hours by calling the hotline at 1-800-264-1280. Within five days, they are required to present the skull and pelt to a game warden, biologist, or other personnel at a WGFD regional office for registration.

In all other areas of the state where wolves are designated as Predatory Animals, no license is required to take a wolf, and there are no closed seasons or bag limits. Anyone who takes a wolf in areas of the state where wolves are designated as Predatory Animals is required to report the kill to a district game warden, district wildlife biologist or Department personnel at a Game and Fish Department Regional Office within ten days after the date the wolf was killed. Anyone who takes a wolf in this area of the state is not required to present the skull or pelt, but the WGFD is encouraging them to do so to aid in department efforts to monitor wolf populations and genetic interchange throughout the state.

Hunters with questions about hunting seasons or regulations should pick up a copy of the current hunting regulations for the species they are interested in at any license selling vendor or call the Game and Fish office nearest the area they intend to hunt.

–Wyo. Game and Fish