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Wyoming sheep losses for 2013 down 6 percent

Wyoming sheep and lamb producers lost an estimated 36,000 head of sheep and lambs to predators, weather, lambing problems, disease, and other causes in 2013 according to our annual survey. Courtesy photo

Wyoming sheep producers lost 17,300 sheep and lambs to predators in 2013, down 6 percent from 2012. Coyotes were again the biggest predator taking 61 percent of the total predator losses and 29 percent of all losses. Losses to weather, disease, and other non-predator causes decreased by 5,800 head to 18,700.

Sheep producers lost 27,000 lambs before or after docking in 2013, down 6,000 head from 2012. Losses to predators accounted for 53 percent of the total, down 1,500 head from 2012. Losses of lambs to weather, disease, and other non- predator causes were down 4,500 head to 12,600.

Sheep losses in Wyoming during 2013 totaled 9,000 head, down 1,000 head from 2012. Predator losses were up 300 head at 2,900 and non-predator losses were down 1,300 head to 6,100.

Sheep producers lost an estimated $5.7 million due to sheep and lamb deaths in 2013, down from $7.9 million the previous year. Predation accounted for $2.7 million or 47 percent of the total. F

–USDA National Ag Statistics

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