Youth Compete in 1st N.D. 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl |

Youth Compete in 1st N.D. 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl

Several teams and individuals brought home honors from the first North Dakota 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl.

Teams from Stark/Billings, McLean, Golden Valley and Ransom counties took top honors in the inaugural State 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl held May 5 at Dickinson State University.

The contest provides an opportunity for youth enrolled in 4-H livestock projects to demonstrate their knowledge of animal science-related subject matter in a friendly, yet competitive, setting.

“This new livestock quiz bowl contest was developed for our North Dakota 4-H’ers to stimulate learning in animal science and the agricultural industry,” says Leigh Ann Skurupey, the animal science specialist in North Dakota State University Extension’s Center for 4-H Youth Development. “Additionally, this contest helps 4-H’ers develop positive interests and attitudes about animal science and related careers.”

Youth were tested on all food animal livestock species, including beef, dairy, swine, goat (dairy and meat), sheep, poultry and rabbit. The 4-H’ers also fielded questions about Youth for the Quality and Care of Animals (YQCA) program.

Forty-six youth representing six North Dakota counties completed in the quiz bowl.

Senior Division

The top teams were:

First – Stark/Billings and McLean counties, with team members Sam Poland, Taylor Downing, Kyle Kostelecky and Kia Ward of Stark/Billings, and Abbie Berquist of McLean County

Second – Golden Valley County, with team members Jacob Steiner, Emma Fleming, Abby Hecker and Kyle Sarsland

Third – Stutsman County, with team members Katie Osborne, Chayla Kuss, Zach Lahlum, Chayse Entzi and Layne Entzie

Individual winners:

First – Hecker

Second – Downing

Third – Kuss

Fourth – Osborne

Fifth – Sarsland

Intermediate Division

The top teams were:

First – Golden Valley County, with team members Dillon Manhart, Kade Manhart, Tenna Fleming and Ray Steiner

Second – Williams County, with team members Carson Brunelle, Keaton Brunelle, Leyton Brunelle and Wyatt Iverson

Third – Ransom County, with team members Gabe Lyones, Cameron Opp, Olivia Nitschke and Paige Zimprich

Individual winners:

First – Fleming

Second – Iverson

Tie for third – Keaton Brunelle and Nitschke

Fourth – Kade Manhart

Fifth – Leyton Brunelle

Junior Division

The top teams were:

First – Ransom County, with team members Rylee Erdmann, Mara Kempel, Zane Lyons and Jayce Zimprich

Second – Golden Valley County, with team members Lucas Brown, Harley Feiring, Kiefffer Ernst and Leah Davidson

Third – Stark/Billings County, with team members Hadley Talkington, Coy Melchior, Trevor Lefor, Shaylynn Berthold and Lance Kostelecky

Individual winners:

First – Kempel

Tie for second – Erdmann and Lefor

Tie for third – Brown and Davidson

Fourth – Zimprich

Fifth – Ernst

Teams competed in a single- or double-elimination format by giving oral answerers to questions posed by a moderator, answering by pushing the buzzer first. Each match had a one-on-one phase, a team phase and a toss-up phase with bonuses attached to questions.

“Competition in the quiz bowl encourages 4-H members to develop a more complete knowledge of animals and related subjects and is an excellent way to develop self-confidence and excellent teamwork skills,” Skurupey says. “This contest provides an educational program for all project members, including those who may not own a project animal.

“It was impressive to watch these talented 4-H’ers answer some tough livestock questions,” she adds. “I could not be more proud of their hard work in preparation for this new contest. Having to know a large amount of information from health, nutrition, management, reproduction and information covered in the Youth for Quality Care of Animals program is a challenge and often intimidating, and yet these 4-H’ers were spitting out answers like they have been studying these materials for years.

“Having to know about so many different species is exceptionally hard,” she noted. “I commend each 4-H’er who participated in this contest; the life skills and knowledge gained is priceless.”

–NDSU Extension

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