Stage is set: Nebraska High School Rodeo |

Stage is set: Nebraska High School Rodeo

Bull rider Mason Ward, North Platte, competes at the 2017 Neb. State High School Finals Rodeo in Hastings. He returns this year to defend his 2017 championship title. Photo by Jill Saults

Qualifying high school rodeo contestants for the 2018 Nebraska State High School Finals Rodeo (list and ranking of student athlete subject to change; hometown is in Nebraska unless specified):

Bareback Riding

1. Trey Seevers, North Platte

2. Gauge McBride, Kearney

3. Jared Schultis, Tryon

Barrel Racing

1. Bailey Witt, Valentine

2. Lexie Lowery, Burwell

3. Sydney Adamson, Cody

4. Reece Stanley, Sidney

5. Mable McAbee, Ansley

6. Madison Stracke, Stuart

7. Madison Mills, Eddyville

8. Jaylee Simonson, Dunning

9. Shanna Bailey, Lakeside

10. Brooke Becker, Hastings

11. Brooke McCully, Mullen

12. Adeline Hobbs, Mitchell

13. Danielle Wray, Ord

14. Hadley Teut, Lincoln

15. Mataya Eklund, Valentine

16. Sheyenne Hammond, Valentine

17. Taya McMillen, Lodgepole

18. Wacey Day, Fleming, Colo.

19. Brooklyn Leach, Dunning

20. Ashlyn Jensen, Burwell

21. Riata Day, Fleming, Colo.

22. Brieann Schipporeit, Ainsworth

23. Elle Ravensroft, Nenzel

24. Hanna Huffman, Burwell

25. Taryn Underwood, Crawford

26. Lauren Lehl, Alliance

27. JoSee Saults, Big Springs

28. Anna Esch, Spalding

29. Jadyn Ross, Harrisburg

30. Tallyn Simpson, Maxwell

31. Payton Gorwill, Hyannis

(there are 31 contestants because Tallyn and Payton are tied for 30th place)

Boys Cutting

1. Sage Konicek, Ord

2. Ty Bass, Brewster

3. Wacey Flack, Maywood

4. Colten Storer, Sutherland

5. Chase Miller, Broken Bow

6. Kaine Stokey, Sutherland

7. Hayden Jennings, Seneca

8. Mason Ward, North Platte

Breakaway Roping

1. Emily Knust, Verdigre

2. Danielle Wray, Ord

3. Wacey Day, Fleming, Colo.

4. Mable McAbee, Ansley

5. Sydney Adamson, Cody

6. Brooke McCully, Mullen

7. Jentri Hurlburt, Arcadia

8. Riata Day, Fleming, Colo.

9. Elle Ravenscroft, Nenzel

10. Bailey Witt, Valentine

11. Maddie Stump, Elsmere

12. Aluxyn Hollenbeck, Valentine

13. Hadley Teut, Lincoln

14. Brooke Becker, Hastings

15. Ashley Odenbach, Taylor

16. Andrea Meyer, Stapleton

17. Mataya Eklund, Valentine

18. Joscelyn Soncksen, Lexington

19. Talli Pokorny, Bartlett

20. Britney Brosius, Ashby

21. Faith Storer, Sutherland

22. Jaya Nelson, Bassett

23. Raesha Warren, Thedford

24. Tehya From, Crookston

25. Shailey McAbee, Hyannis

26. Clare Kohl, Surprise

27. Maddie Meidell, Harrison

28. Calli Bauer, Arcadia

29. Lexie Lowery, Burwell

30. Morgan Darnell, Gordon

Bull Riding

1. Mason Ward, North Platte

2. Conner Halverson, Gordon

3. BJ McAbee, Ansley

4. Dodge Daniels, Scotia

5. Ben Wood, Greeley

6. Teran Sharman, Palmer

7. Reid Helgoth, Burwell

8. Jared Shaw, Bassett

9. Kaine Stokey, Sutherland

10. Clayton Miller, Ord

Girls Cutting

1. Bayli Bilby, Chadron

2. Concey Bader, Palmer

3. Brook Bushhousen, St. Libory

4. Ashton Troyer, West Point

5. Alexis Rutar, Springview

6. Kesha DeGroff, Broken Bow

7. Maddie Stump, Elsmere

8. Faith Storer, Sutherland

Goat Tying

1. Wacey Day, Fleming, Colo.

2. Riata Day, Fleming, Colo.

3. Emily Knust, Verdigre

4. Jessica Stevens, Creighton

5. Britney Brosius, Ashby

6. Bailey Witt, Valentine

7. Jaylee Simonson, Dunning

8. Mataya Eklund, Valentine

9. Talli Pokorny, Bartlett

10. Hadley Teut, Lincoln

11. Joscelyn Soncksen, Lexington

12. Raesha Warren, Thedford

13. Andrea Meyer, Stapleton

14. Gracie Pokorny, Bartlett

15. Hanna Huffman, Burwell

16. Aluxyn Hollenbeck, Valentine

17. Katie Miles, Arthur

18. Mable McAbee, Ansley

19. Elle Ravenscroft, Nenzel

20. Avery Hobbs, Mitchell

21. Hope Brosius, Ashby

22. Rylee Naprstek, Gothenburg

23. Shanna Bailey, Lakeside

24. Jordan Peterson, Arthur

25. Ally Micheel, Sargent

26. Brooklyn Leach, Dunning

Pole Bending

1. Jaylee Simonson, Dunning

2. Madison Mills, Eddyville

3. Halli Haskell, Ainsworth

4. Riata Day, Fleming, Colo.

5. Danielle Wray, Ord

6. Ashlyn Jensen, Burwell

7. Mataya Eklund, Valentine

8. Lauren Lehl, Alliance

9. Lexie Lowery, Burwell

10. Adeline Hobbs, Mitchell

11. Gracie Pokorny, Bartlett

12. Jordan Peterson, Arthur

13. Brooke McCully, Mullen

14. Bailey Witt, Valentine

15. Madison Stracke, Stuart

16. Ashley Odenbach, Taylor

17. Hanna Huffman, Burwell

18. Ansley Wood, Wallace

19. Shailey McAbee, Hyannis

20. Reece Stanley, Sidney

21. Shanna Bailey, Lakeside

22. Samantha Schemper, Holdrege

23. Andrea Meyer, Stapleton

24. Elle Ravenscroft, Nenzel

25. Britney Brosius, Ashby

26. Brooklyn Leach, Dunning

27. Taya McMillen, Lodgepole

28. Anna Esch, Spalding

29. Sheyenne Hammond, Valentine

Saddle Bronc Riding

1. Sage Miller, Springview

2. Gus Franzen, Kearney

3. Trey Seevers, North Platte

4. Garrett Long, North Platte

5. Brody McAbee, Ansley

6. Jack Skavdahl, Marsland

7. Nathan Burnett, Shelton

8. Samuel Florell, Kearney

9. Dalton Kunkee, Lexington

10. Tyce Stoner, Kilgore

Steer Wrestling

1. Talon Mathis, Atkinson

2. Marshall Still, Oconto

3. Chase Miller, Broken Bow

4. Tyler Ravenscroft, Nenzel

5. Gus Franzen, Kearney

6. Blake Henry, Rushville

7. Cauy Pokorny, Stapleton

8. Quade Potter, Cambridge

9. Sage Miller, Springview

10. Tanner Whetham, Morrill

11. Evan Hewett, Dunning

12. Zeb Heggem, Torrington, Wyo.

13. Clayton Symons, Mitchell

14. Colten Storer, Sutherland

15. Dalton Kunkee, Lexington

16. Jackson Davis, Bingham

17. Clay Holz, Niobrara

18. Weston Kunkee, Lexington

19. Rhett Witt, Valentine

20. Parker Johnston, Maywood

21. Ty Chasek, Mitchell

22. Trayton Travnicek, Minatare

23. Colt Hesseltine, Halsey

Team Roping

1. Cauy Pokorny, Stapleton

2. Clay Holz, Niobrara

3. Grant Lindsley, Osceola

4. Nathan Poss, Scotia

5. Cameron Jensen, Bingham

6. Tanner Whetham, Morrill

7. Danielle Wray, Ord

8. Ralph Saults, Big Springs

9. Tomas Margritz, Lexington

10. Gus Franzen, Kearney

11. Ty Chasek, Mitchell

12. Merit Van Horn, Page

13. Ty Bass, Brewster

14. Mitchell Tucker, North Platte

15. Tee Whited, Lincoln

16. Clayton Symons, Mitchell

17. Colten Storer, Sutherland

18. Kurtis Palmer, Madison

19. Sage Konicek, Ord

20. Blaine Flack, Crawford

21. Lane Chasek, Mitchell

22. Talon Mathis, Atkinson

23. Calli Bauer, Arcadia

24. Trey Garey, Broken Bow

25. Sean Miller, Callaway

26. Jentri Hurlburt, Arcadia

27. Brody Davis, Cody

28. Wyatt Colman, O’Neill

29. Cole Dwyer, Burwell

30. Chase Miller, Broken Bow

31. Ashley Odenbach, Taylor

32. Evan Hewett, Dunning

33. Grant Turek, St. Paul

34. Talon Petska, Ord

35. Sage Miller, Springview

36. Quade Potter, Cambridge

37. Sheyenne Hammond, Valentine

38. Jackson Davis, Bingham

39. Hadley Teut, Lincoln

40. Andrew Koenig, Ewing

41. Cody Fosket, Mitchell

42. Morgan Darnell, Gordon

43. Brody McAbee, Ansley

44. Cinch Heikel, Hazard

45. Wacey Day, Fleming, Colo.

46. Hunter Heath, Minden

47. Bailey Witt, Valentine

48. Rhett Witt, Valentine

49. Jake Chasek, Mitchell

50. Justin Chasek, Mitchell

51. Nathan Lancaster, Beatrice

52. Cameron Lancaster, Beatrice

53. Dalton Kunkee, Lexington

54. Mable McAbee, Ansley

55. BJ McAbee, Ansley

56. Cole Laible, Atkinson

57. Trent Marshall, Burwell

58. Maddie Stump, Elsmere

59. Payton Gorwill, Hyannis

60. Marshall Still, Oconto

61. Weston Kunkee, Lexington

62. Wacey Flack, Maywood

(there are 62 contestants because of ties)

Tie-Down Roping

1. Grant Turek, St. Paul

2. Mitchell Tucker, North Platte

3. Clayton Symons, Mitchell

4. Merit Van Horn, Page

5. Chase Miller, Broken Bow

6. Kurtis Palmer, Madison

7. Tanner Whetham, Morrill

8. Sean Miller, Callaway

9. Colton Storer, Sutherland

10. Talon Mathis, Atkinson

11. Cameron Jensen, Bingham

12. Gus Franzen, Kearney

13. Jake Chasek, Mitchell

14. Clay Holz, Niobrara

15. Sage Miller, Springview

16. Brody Davis, Cody

17. Grant Lindsley, Osceola

18. Cole Laible, Atkinson

19. Blaine Flack, Crawford

20. Justin Chasek, Mitchell

21. Rhett Witt, Valentine

22. Quade Potter, Cambridge

23. Ty Chasek, Mitchell

24. Kaden Wooters, Elwood

25. Ty Bass, Brewster

26. Ralph Saults, Big Springs

27. Sage Konicek, Ord

28. Jackson Davis, Bingham

29. Wacey Flack, Maywood

30. BJ McAbee, Ansley

High school rodeo athletes from across Nebraska to head to Hastings

Hastings, Neb. (June 10, 2018) The entry list has been set for the Nebraska State High School Finals Rodeo, to be held in Hastings June 14-16 at the Adams County Fairgrounds.

Nearly 150 high school rodeo athletes will compete in twelve events. The top four competitors in each event at the state level will earn a berth at the National High School Rodeo Finals in Rock Springs, Wyo., July 15-21, where national champions will be crowned in each event.

Athletes from Harrison to Lincoln and from Creighton to McCook will be in Hastings for competition. Hastings has hosted the high school state finals, the pinnacle of the sport for the state, since 2005.

The twelve events include bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, team roping, breakaway roping, goat tying, pole bending, barrel racing, boys cutting, girls cutting, and bull riding.

The Finals, the culmination of 28 regular season rodeos, will be held at 10 am and 6 pm on June 14-15, with the short round on June 16 at 1 pm. After Thursday and Friday’s performances, the top ten contestants in each event will advance to the short round on June 16. The cutting will be held at 7:30 am on June 14-15, with the short round at 8 am on June 16. The 2018-2019 Miss Nebraska High School Rodeo Queen will be crowned prior to the performance on June 16. For more information, visit or call 402.462.3247. For information on the Nebraska State High School Rodeo Association, visit

– Adams County Ag Society