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ZumBrunnen Angus Annual Bull Sale

Bob and Polly Johnson, Lusk, WY purchased several bulls for Johnson Family Ranches.

March 7, 2017

Niobrara County Fairgrounds, Lusk, WY

Auctioneer, Lex Madden

Sale consultant: C6 Consulting

40 Yearling Bulls $4,170

Jason ZumBrunnen and family brought another excellent set of bulls to town for their 3rd Annual production sale, held at the Niobrara County Fairgrounds, Lusk, WY.

This year’s sale was a couple weeks earlier that past years, but that did not have any effect on the quality or condition of the bulls selling. The bulls were in just right condition for the sale, not green, but not over fed. These bulls are structurally correct, performance evaluated and grown out to stay sound in the breeding pastures.

There was an excellent crowd of buyers on hand to evaluate and purchase this set of bulls with several new buyers competing with the repeat buyers to give the ZumBrunnen family an excellent sale.

Some top sellers include:

Lot 4, ZA Valley G6020, a Feb. 22, 2016 son of Deer Valley All In with epds of CED 6 BW 1.6 WW 64 Milk 20 YW 108. The bull had a 205 wt of 724 lb and $B value of $134.98. Kaufman Ranch, Torrington, WY was the buyer at $7250.

Selling at $6,750 was lot 1, ZA Ten X G5300, an Apr. 7, 2016 son of VNAR Ten X 4004 with epds of CED 11 BW 0.2 WW 58 Milk 26 YW 102 $B 146.33 sold to Barry Baldwin, Van Tassel, WY.

Also at $6,750 was lot 3, ZA All In G6002, a Feb. 12, 2016 son of Deer Valley All In witn epds of CED 6 BW 1.6 WW 67 Milk 21 YW 111. Dunn Ranch, Harrison, NE was the buyer.

Johnson Family Ranches, Lusk, WY got lot 24, AZ Observer G6030, a Feb. 21, 2016 son of Connealy Observer 372 for $6250. This calving ease deluxe bull has epds of CED 15 BW -1.4 WW 47 Milk 23 YW 85.

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