Antibiotics essential for a healthy product |

Antibiotics essential for a healthy product

Dear Editor:

In North Dakota and across the United States, cattle producers like me are working every day to ensure that our animals are cared for in a responsible manner. Animal stewardship is our highest priority, and we look to programs like the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program and The Producers’ Guide for Judicious Use of Antimicrobials for guidance.

Antibiotics are an important tool used to maintain healthy animals by preventing and treating disease. Products designed specifically for cattle help animals maintain health and are a foundation for the production of the safe beef products we all enjoy.

A rigorous set of precautions is taken to ensure the safe use of antibiotics in cattle, including thorough testing by the Food and Drug Administration.

Producers use antibiotics that are medically important to humans only as a last resort to treat animals. We work closely with our veterinarians to select antibiotic treatments carefully, limit antibiotic use to only sick or at-risk animals and prevent the need for intervention with routine health examinations and vaccination.

Producers in this state and across the country understand that antibiotics are essential for controlling disease in cattle and producing a healthy product. Producers also understand the necessity for the proper use of antibiotics to ensure animal health while protecting the safety of the people who consume our product.


Robert Tweeten, Hensler, ND

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