Are we near the end? |

Are we near the end?

If you have been watching world events lately, you can’t help but wonder about the motives of some of the inhabitants of this world. Why do certain individuals make it a lifelong endeavor to try to conquer and control other nations? Why does ISIS want to control the world with their radical insistence of imposing Islam. Why is it so important to Iran to have nuclear arms? Why does the United States concern itself with liberating and controlling other parts of the world? Why does the world trouble themselves over a small piece of real estate in the Middle East called Israel?

We have had an information and technology explosion over this past century like no other. When one considers that up to the early 1900s, man rode horses and lived as primitively as our forefathers did in the days before Christ (BC). It has been within the past 100+ years that man has acquired a higher level of intelligence, thereby producing the technology we have today. Even in my own short life, I think back just 20 years ago when I purchased my first bag phone, and was amazed how I could talk to someone just about anywhere in the world from my car. It was a new form of communication that began an era of information like no other. Consider now how we have evolved into becoming dependent on our cell phones. Not only can we communicate with other parties on our cell phones, but we can video, take pictures, record voice data, text messages, watch televised programs, find locations, deposit paychecks and transfer money at the bank, and just about answer any question we have by asking google on our phones. They are an amazing tool that has come to nearly dominate our lives. All generations currently living use this device. Because of this information and communication ability, we find ourselves becoming more in tune with real time events such as the biker shoot out in Waco, the Boston and Ferguson riots, and Christian beheadings and worldwide threat by the Islamic State. Did you know this age of information was predicted?

Recently, I have taken a greater interest in learning more about the history of man and where all this is heading. I think it is safe to say that all of us question our existence on this planet, and just what it all means. It is apparent with the rise and fall of previous leaders and empires, power and control seem to be the driving motivation in the world. I look at our present government regime here in the United States and note that same drive for power and control, and have written previously about how the Feds want it all. Why?

Regardless of where we live or what our differences, it has been determined that all societies believe in some kind of higher being and spiritual existence. As a confessed Christian myself, I know the Bible has been a great source to turn to, to find answers to most of my questions. To interpret the Bible is a subject that many religions find themselves divided on, but the existence of people, places, and events written about in the Bible have been proven by archeologists and historians to be real. According to the Bible, good and evil are what drives us in our world, and explained. Prophecies spoken in the Bible have all come to pass with the exception of the last prophecy. And this is where the answer to all the madness lies, if we can understand it and choose to believe it. The book of Revelations is written with metaphors and symbols and can be hard to interpret, but the more you study its content, it does provide the answer. Jesus was very clear on what the end times would look like as he described it to his apostles in the gospels. It is coming to pass before our eyes and in our presence time.

In all my previous years of attending various church services, I have yet to have a preacher teach on Revelations. But of late, many leading pastors have begun to teach and preach on this book of the Bible, because they also see the signs unfolding. If your lives have been too wrapped up in daily madness, I encourage you to step back and take note of what is going on in the “big picture”. There is a purpose for all of us here on this planet, and making money, having more, and being in control is not it. Once we realize this, the rest is minutiae.

For more information read Matthew 24:1-40.

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