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At the door

There all kinds who come to my door: those delivering and those picking up, some who are buying and others who are selling, folks we are expecting and some we are not. But, there is one group of people that are unique.

Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I know what you’re thinking, I’ve been there myself. There have been times, most of the time if I’m being honest, that I was less than thrilled to find a person or two stating they were Jehovah’s Witnesses standing at my door. I already knew the Lord, and their timing was usually less than ideal, seemingly throwing an awkward wrench into my day. And, while I would visit briefly and allow them to share their message, beyond that I kept our conversations limited.

But, this latest group has been a welcome relief to me when they show up on my doorstep every other month. Two visits ago my grandmother had just died, and when they asked if I had a few minutes I honestly answered that I didn’t at that time. They offered their condolences, handed me their monthly pamphlet with a verbal note that it had an article on grief inside, and were gone.

On their last visit my kids and I were just wrapping up shampooing carpets unexpectedly after our outside dog came in and used our house as her outhouse. The timing was probably not ideal, but their message must have been exactly what I needed to hear, as it has stuck with me since. After a half hour or so, they left, and I went on with my day.

But, in the days and weeks since that visit, it has struck me that Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only people who come to my door specifically to talk to about Jesus, the Bible and getting to heaven.

I have given that fact a lot of thought.

It cannot be easy to approach a stranger and share your beliefs on a regular basis. It isn’t always easy on an unregular basis in my experience.

I don’t always agree with how they interpret some things, but they make me think. They are unfamiliar with the New King James version of the Bible, but comparing verses also reminds me that it is significant which version of the Bible I choose to study. On their last visit they asked about the Lord’s prayer, and come to find out that is the same between them and I.

I’m not suggesting everyone needs to roll out a red carpet every time a religious group pulls in the driveway. Rather, I now find myself paying much closer attention to who is coming to my door and what they are giving or taking away from my home and family. This new perspective has led me to the decision that if someone at my door refocuses my day on the Lord, they are deserving of a few minutes of my time, whether I find it convenient and comfortable, or not.

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