Baxter Black: Father and Son |

Baxter Black: Father and Son

Baxter Black
On the Edge of Common Sense

I can’t believe he’s so ungrateful. I raised him from a pup!

He worked beside me night and day. We never did let up.

He learned to drive a tractor, grease a windmill, pick up rock,

To stack loose hay and irrigate and never watch the clock.

Then after school I’d teach him how to weld and sort the bolts

And to add to his experience, I’d let him ride the colts.

Each summer he spent on the place beneath my watchful eye

Then I sent him off to college thinkin’ they would sanctify

All the learnin’ I had give him but when he got out, guess what…

He musta slept through classes ‘cause he just flat came untaught!

He’s got all these new ideas about how to run the place.

I’ve listened to his theories ‘til I’m near a basket case!

He’s subscribed to every magazine and leaves ‘em by my bed

With pages marked for me to read ‘bout how the cows are bred,

Or how to increase profits, change rotations ‘n upgrade.

Heck, he beats me up each mornin’ and has the coffee made!

He quotes his old professors who, I’m sure ain’t touched a plow.

He forgets that twenty years ago I picked the kind of cow

We should be raisin’, but he’s so dang enthusiastic!

And my imagination’s lost what’s left of it’s elastic.

I like to think eventually we’ll work this whole thing out

And run this place together. Shoot, that’s what farmin’s all about.

And we might, if I can just survive these lengthy conversations

And he don’t lose his energy before I lose my patience!