Baxter Black: Gone fishin’ with Pinto |

Baxter Black: Gone fishin’ with Pinto

Pinto had inherited a nice little fishing boat. He waited all winter to launch it. When springtime came he invited his friend John to go with him. Friday after work they hosed it down and patched the holes to get it ready.

Saturday morning early they hooked up the trailer and drove 19 miles to the Strike Reservoir. After backing down the launch Pinto was reminded by the local warden that he had no registration sticker. Pinto realized he had specifically dug them out last night and set them by the door so he wouldn’t forget!

They parked and unhooked the boat trailer, drove back home, retrieved the sticker, drove back to the lake, hooked up the trailer and launched the boat. They had gassed it up and were ready. Pinto squeezed the rubber ball on the gas line to inject fuel. However, over the winter the ball had frozen and it cracked spewing gas all over our hapless Captain! They pulled the boat back onto the trailer, drove five miles to the bait shop/convenience store and bought a new squeeze ball. Back at the lake they launched again!

Exuberantly he squeezed the new ball and flooded the little boat motor so much that after twenty minutes of jerking the cord, they gave up. John backed the trailer down the launch again and loaded the boat. As they started forward, the boat slid off the trailer … because they had forgotten to connect the latch strap!

They rescued the boat, affixed the latch strap and decided to drive to the river instead of the lake. They could just float along in the current and fish. It was a good idea since it was already after lunchtime. In an attempt to back down a rocky bank into the river, one of the trailer wheels peeled its whole tread! Thank goodness Pinto had a spare and a jack. Unfortunately, his lug wrench didn’t fit!

So … unhook the boat and trailer, drive to a near-by farm, borrow a lug wrench, drive back to the river, fix the tire and resignedly hook up the trailer … once again. They fired up the pickup and turned uphill on a washboard road which rattled the trailer so bad it came off the hitch, tearing out the wiring and coming to a stop when it rolled up against a mailbox. Apparently John had forgotten to latch the ball down. Stubbornly our Superhuman sportsmen hooked back up, drove by the farmer’s place, returned the wrench, put air in the trailer tire and drove home.

“Done fishin’!”

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