Baxter Black: Just Friends |

Baxter Black: Just Friends

I can’t remember his number. I don’t call him often enough.

His birthday always escapes me ‘cause I don’t keep up with that stuff.

And I’m lucky if I see him even once or twice a year

But I’m really not complainin’ ‘cause we’re still close, we’re just not near.

I recognize his daughter’s voice. I remember when she was born.

Heck, I was there when he got married! I held the ring his wife has worn

For all these years, his darlin’. Ya know, she hasn’t changed a bit.

And him and me? We’re markin’ time by the bad habits that we quit.

Together we’re ambidextrous! Although we’re really not a pair

We’ve got each other covered and, between us, a full head of hair!

We’re part of each other’s gristle, as inveterate as bone.

It’s nice how life can fix it so you don’t have to go it alone.

As I sit here blowin’ smoke rings from the pipedreams that we’ve had,

I’m wonderin’ if I’ve told him how many times it’s made me glad

Just to know he’s out there somewhere, like a dollar in my shoe,

And how much it would please me if he felt the same way, too.

When I add up all my assets, he’s one thing I can’t appraise.

What’s a promise or a handshake or a phone call worth these days?

It’s a credit with no limit, it’s a debt that never ends

And I’ll owe him ‘til forever ‘cause you can’t be more than friends.

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