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Baxter Black: Moderation

One of the hazards of having educated friends is that they are a frequent source of scientific information. Dr. Ben sent me a scholarly review entitled “WHAT DID OUR ANCESTORS EAT?” by two gentlemen well versed in nutrition and anthropology.

One of the many observations they made was, with the advent of agriculture individuals became smaller in stature. They concluded that agriculture itself was not to blame but rather ‘a departure from a mixed diet derived from a variety of sources.’

Which simply substantiates the Coyote Cowboy Theory that says “Too much of anything is almost as bad for you as not enough of everything!”

For instance, running. Most of us have a friend or a family member fall prey to this addiction. They disappear for an hour in the morning early. You see them on deserted country roads striding single-minded along the shoulder, oblivious to the weather, the scenery and the traffic. They don’t wave. Within weeks they become gaunt stringy creatures like wormy coyotes in bicycling underwear. Their conversation revolves around tennis shoes.

Or take those people who breed purebred cattle. New converts very seldom develop the fanatic devotion to the cause that is part of the persona so often seen in a breeder who was born with a silver show halter in his hand. The young child who slept under the painting of the majestic herd sire once asked his dad about crossbreeding, and was given a lecture that began with Genesis 1:28 and concluded with the latest placings at the International Expo in Louisville!

And how ‘bout the nervous, preoccupied person pacing at the edge of the crowd incessantly cleaning his fingernails or fidgeting with his belt loops? He’s gnawing on an endless procession of matches, toothpicks, blades of grass, swizzle sticks, whip poppers or bleeding cuticles! If you see a grown man buying Juicy Fruit by the case, it’s a safe bet that he just quit chewing tobacco!

Religious fanatics, animal rights activists and political extremists have no sense of humor about their chosen cause.

I admit to being one of those frothing lunatics who has that ALL OR NOTHING personality. It’s a cross that a lot of us bear, unconsciously. I’ve tried to keep my enthusiasm in check so I can be better company for those around me, but it’s hard to see both sides when you’ve got your eyes closed.

Matter of fact, the only thing I can’t do in excess…is moderation!

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