Baxter Black: Pride |

Baxter Black: Pride

Baxter Black
On the Edge of Common Sense

I’m closin’ in on sixty with a vengeance, Mister Jim,

And I wouldn’t ask no favors if I weren’t out on a limb

But is seems like no one’s hirin’? Cowboyin’s all I know

And I worked for you a couple times, the last, not long ago.

It’s been ten years? Oh, really? Well…I run into Buster Cole

And he said you might be lookin’ so I gathered up my roll

And bummed a ride off Buster. That’s him a’waitin’ in the car.

I could go back to Brawley, but that seems so dadgum far!

Yeah, I know I quit ya last time but the winter froze me out.

My knees were always achin’. Think I had a touch of gout

But now I’m sound and solid as horseshoe, Mister Jim.

You’ve got the place fixed up real nice, all lookin’ neat and trim.

You painted the ol’ bunkhouse! Man, I really liked it there.

Do ya still have Peg and Molly? Now, they were quite a pair.

They could drag that big ol’ hay sled through the snow just like a plow!

Oh, she did? I’m really sorry. Guess ya feed with tractors now.

Ain’t that Rocket! Good a young horse as I started anywheres.

Who’s ridin’ all yer green stuff? Oh, you sold off all yer mares?

If ya wanted we could git a couple yearlin’s, split the cost.

I’d be more than glad to…oh, sure. I just thought…Well, yer the boss,

But you still work cows a’horseback ‘cause there ain’t no other way

And fer that you need a cowboy, even one that’s turnin’ gray,

And I’m yer man! You know me! You don’t need my resume,

Can ya put me in the bunkhouse, Mister Jim, whataya say?

A baler? Not on purpose…Me, I’ve always chased a cow.

Well, I ‘preciate the offer but I think I’ll pass for now.

Give my best to your good missus. Yer divorced? The heck you are?

I guess things are tough all over, C’mon Buster, start the car!