Baxter Black: She Does The Books |

Baxter Black: She Does The Books

This is my wife. She does the books. I do the important stuff

Like mend the fence and check the cows, She makes sure the income’s enough

To cover the cost of farmin’. She’s tight as a new hat band.

I need to buy a new baler, she figgers out if we can.

I spend all day in the pickup, she’s in the office all day

Just talkin’ with the SCS or checkin’ the price of hay

Or dealin’ with the accountants and keepin’ the banker straight.

I might be cleanin’ a ditch out or hangin’ a rusty gate

She fills out all the blasted forms the government makes us keep.

She reads those regulations till she’s fightin’em in her sleep.

Me, I go to sleep a’dreamin’ of bulls and barns and sales,

She’s dreamin’ the inventory or estimatin’ bales

She still finds time to bake a pie between her business deals

And I keep busy all the time just greasin’ squeaky wheels.

I told my wife that we should think ‘bout gettin’ a hired man.

Runnin’ a farm ain’t easy, good managers need a plan.

She agreed that it weren’t easy to manage and keep abreast

“But, why,” she asked, “Get a hired man? I’ve already got the best.”