1. New baler twine to tie up last year’s five-buckle overshoes.

2. Something that will kill Canadian thistle.

3. A hot shot that works for more than a morning.

4. A dog that does more good out of the pickup than in it.

5. A cattle buyer who admits that he likes your calves.

6. A feedlot customer with a bottomless wallet.

7. A molasses salesman who thinks your hay will be adequate without his $200 –a-ton supplement.

8. A vet who suggest that you buy your vaccine at the co-op.

9. A teenage daughter who thinks her allowance is too high.

10. A son-in-law with a steady job.

11. A Christmas day freak snowfall that blankets the mountains and your front yard but leaves the cow lot dry as a bone.

12. An implement dealer who insists on being paid in bales of hay.

13. A banker who inadvertently has gotten your financial statement mixed up with Jeff Bezos’.

14. A son who can rope and ride, loves to work and doesn’t plan on going to vet school.

15. A wife who rubs your back.

16. The time, occasionally, to enjoy what you do for a livin’.

17. And a loving God who doesn’t look down at you every time and say, “Oh, well, I can’t win ‘em all!”


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