Baxter Black: The Hunter’s Son |

Baxter Black: The Hunter’s Son

This is the poem of the hunter’s son as he tracks the woods alone

And the beaver’s revenge when he seeks to avenge the hunter’s gauntlet thrown

By choosing to pair with a grizzly bear, big, nasty and fully grown.

He was raised in the woods and meadow where ice and forest collide

In the Peace River reach where fathers still teach their sons how to hunt and provide

Young Scott was in search of the beaver. The country was thick with’em then.

Traps were his love but he wasn’t above a rifle shot now and again.

He snuck through the woods like a shadow and stopped just short of a spring.

There on the bank like a person of rank sat Oscar, the Beaver King

He was big as a Yellowknife huskie and humming a Rachmaninov

Scott froze in his tracks, Oscar never looked back till he heard the safety click off.

Then he rolled like a log to the water. The bullet sang just by his ear

Though caught unaware he escaped by a hair and Scott saw the King disappear

Scott cursed his bad luck ‘cause ol’ Oscar had beaten him just like before

So he turned on the trail, like a dog tuckin’ tail and headed back home sad and sore.

But his path was impeded in progress by a bear with a griz pedigree.

He was hungry and large, so when he made a charge Scott climbed up a poplar tree.

He clum till the tree started bendin’, twenty feet up off the ground

He sat crotch while the bear carved a notch each time that he circled around.

He climbed within inches of Scotty and scared the bee jee outta him

He snorted and growled and about disemboweled the poplar tree, root to limb

But he finally backed off, reconsidered, like only a grizzly bear could

He shook a big paw and bid au revoir, then disappeared into the wood.

Though shaken, Scott felt he had triumphed, there from his perch in the bleachers.

The vast human brain will always remain the master of God’s lesser creatures.

But the sight he beheld left him chastened, outwitted by over-achievers.

The bear reappeared, new help commandeered, with Oscar, the King of the Beavers.