Baxter Black: Two Jumps |

Baxter Black: Two Jumps

Two Jumps said he used to ride bulls. In spite of his name, he tried.

He had grit, determination and bravado on his side.

Unfortunately, he lacked skill. He was naturally inept

And as life laid down her cowpies, that’s precisely where he stepped.

But even a hard luck cowboy’s entitled to one guru

Whose faith in him is undaunted, whose loyalty strays true blue.

Now, all of the young bronc stompers and bullriders knew Lecille.

A rodeo clown and hero to all who strapped on the steel.

Lecille knew the bulls and broncs and always offered advise

On rodeo, on love and life, on learnin’ to sacrifice.

It was over the chutes at Knoxville when Two Jumps heard the phrase

That would stay with him forever, long after those heady days.

Lecille was walkin’ toward him. No, doubt, to wish him well.

Two Jumps cut eyes at his pardners to make sure they all could tell

It was him Lecille had chosen to pass along for this ride

The words he was meant to live by. He fairly bursted with pride

Two Jumps was pullin’ his bullrope, the rosin startin’ to smoke

When Lecille looked over the chute gate, squinted his eyes, then he spoke

“Two Jumps,” Lecille confided, “To really make yourself proud,

Ain’t no way you can ride this bull…so hang up and thrill the crowd!”

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