Baxter Black: All Natural Beef |

Baxter Black: All Natural Beef

It’s true that my steer is all-natural

I’ve dispensed with all vaccines and drugs

Not one pesticide is poured on his hide

He’d be lonesome without all the bugs!

The lice are his own peanut gallery

The ticks and the heel flies too.

He scratches all day while they nibble away

But it does give him something to do.

I’ve no use for antibiotics.

For those drenches and potions and pills.

He’s had a rough time, but now doin’ fine.

Though he’s pore as an ol’ whippoorwill.

He’s had rickets and double pneumonia.

He’s a veteran of all that I’ve learned.

Coccidiosis, Leptospirosis,

And the scours are waiting their turn.

So you see all you slavers of science

Who depend on hi tech for it all.

My steer is alive, weighs three twenty-five

But, he only turned seven last fall!


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