Baxter Black: Calving Quiz |

Baxter Black: Calving Quiz


This is a quiz to determine your calving sanity (or help you pass time in the calving barn). Match the columns.

1. Aching A. Tongues

2. Black B. Back

3. C C. Batteries

4. Cold D. Boots

5. Cracked E. Calves

6. Dead F. Breath

7. Dry G. Buckets

8. Full H. Checks

9. Hot I. Squeeze

10. Leg J. Hands

11. Midnight K. Feet

12. Muddy L. Fingers

13. Round M. Forearms

14. Slick N. Eyes

15. Soft O. Heads

16. Steamy P. Hooves

17. Sticky Q. Knees

18. Stiff R. Moons

19. Swollen S. Section

20. Tight T. Coffee

21. Wet U. Arms

Answers: 1-U / 2-G / 3-S / 4-K / 5-J / 6-C / 7-N / 8-R / 9-T / 10-B / 11-H / 12-D / 13-O /

14-E / 15-P / 16-F / 17-M / 18-L / 19-A / 20-I / 21-Q /


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