Baxter Black: He Wondered How He’d Tell Her |

Baxter Black: He Wondered How He’d Tell Her

The rancher told his foreman, “Looks like things are gettin’ tough

The price of calves is deadly, heck, there may not be enough

To pay the note this winter, I’m already overdue

What with buyin’ that new tractor, shoot, it wuddn’t even new

‘Course I’d bought the neighbor’s cow herd back when things were lookin’ good

Then we had that bout with Anaplaz, which I never understood.

We buckled down and rode it out but luck weren’t on our side.

You’ve worked for me for twenty years, you know how hard I’ve tried.

I’m not worried for my own self, it’s mother and the kids

I don’t know how they’ll take it if they put us up for bids.

The last two kids were born here in that house where you live now

We’ve raised’em right and taught ‘em all there is about a cow

And now they’re off to college to explore a new career

But deep inside they’re plannin’ to come back and live right here.

But that’s never gonna happen. The writing’s on the wall.

It’s what I’ve always dreaded and today I got the call.

Bankruptcy’s hangin’ over me. The lawyer says I’m through

I’ve lost it all. A lifetime’s work. I don’t know what I’ll do.”

The cattle foreman nodded. But his mind was faraway

On doctor bills and braces, pickup payments left to pay

He glanced up to his little house, his kids and wife and truck,

And wondered how he’d tell her. But he said, “Boss, I wish you luck.” F