Baxter Black: Rich Farming |

Baxter Black: Rich Farming

If wheat gets up to seven bucks

I’ll hoard it, yessiree

Till the grain bin’s overflowin’

Or it gets back down to three.

There’s too much ridin’ on it

To sell it right away,

The banker might call in my note

They’re funny that-a-way.

As long as things are nip and tuck

They’ll let the balance ride.

Just pay the interest on it

And they’ll be satisfied.

They don’t like sudden changes

Conservatives, you see,

They like things they can count on

Like hail and CRP.

And if you look to go prosperous

Or friends think that you are

They’ll try and sell you somethin’

You’ve lived without, so far.

Like asphalt on the driveway

Or fancy silverware

Or a double-jointed tractor

‘Course, the preacher wants his share

No, there ain’t no use me gettin’ rich.

Knowin’ me, I’d spend it.

And borrow more for land and stock.

There’s plenty who would lend it.

I’m better off just gettin’ by

And stayin’ where I set

‘Cause the more that I make farmin’

The more I go in debt.

So, if wheat gets up to seven

I could sell it on the board

But I won’t. ‘Cause makin’ money’s

One thing I can’t afford.

It’s a different kind of logic

That allows a man to boast

When the richest farmer farmin’

Is the one that owes the most.

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