Cattle Journal 2023: Day Writing—Who we are  |

Cattle Journal 2023: Day Writing—Who we are 

Photo by Heather Hamilton Maude

The love of good cattle. 

Or, perhaps the love of good dirt. 

Or water. Capturing it, using it, then letting it go.  

Solitude found in wide-open spaces, scented in sage.  

The first semi-warm wind hinting at spring’s forthcoming. 

Or a cool breeze with the first autumn leaves dancing along its edge. 

The way a horse lays on its winter coat. 

Tucking seeds into the ground in perfect, straight rows. 

Same crop, but new varieties, new techniques, new technologies, and consequently new landscapes upon which that crop can be grown. 

Making an old engine run like it’s new again, and knowing its every part. 

Little kids running around half wild, unaware of the outside world. 

Well researched, carefully curated pieces of equipment with exact tasks. In a specific color palette. 

Five-star, homemade meals. Prepared over the course of the day. Served at tables, chute side, or on tail gates. 

We all have those unique and specific things that set our souls on fire. That give us purpose, drive, and make us feel especially alive as we go through our daily tasks. 

I believe each of these things were woven into each of us with exact and great care by our Maker. God knew who we would be and what we would need, as well as when the world would need one of each of us. 

Sometimes they are right in front of our faces. Other times they’re hard to see. Occasionally new ones pop up we never expected. Old ones can sometimes fade away. 

We are told these good things are gifts from God. That we are to use them for His glory. To enjoy them, but remain humble within them. To keep a heavenly focus on things above the sun versus things below. 

As we head into a new year of potential drought, high inputs, low returns, elections, losses, and more, it seems a fitting time to remind ourselves to watch for the good and perfect moments. For opportunities to pursue the things we were placed on earth to do, and to keep our eyes and hearts focused on heavenly things. 

While none us will get that right all the time, striving to that end will help everything else fall into perspective. And while the markets, the inputs costs, the elected officials and more can be a real problem, they along with everything else are only for a short while relative to the life that comes after this one. Which is why it’s important to get to know the Maker behind both our souls, and those perfect moments and unique things that make us come alive.