Change of season and noted observations |

Change of season and noted observations

As we move from our rainy season of spring equinox to the hot and dry effects of the summer solstice, haying season is upon us. In my area, hay crops are less than average, an apparent result of cold nights and no significant moisture in April and May. Some of the country, including here at home, received hail damage, causing even shorter yields. Reports of torrential rains in other areas have caused flash flooding, taking out fences and roads and causing significant damage to property. Folks over on Pilgrim Creek report over 23 inches of rain received so far this year with up to nine inches in one evening received! That is almost two years of annual rainfall received with most coming within the last 6 weeks! Wow! Anyone have a boat to sell?

Summer range appears to be in good condition here in Powder River County, but conditions vary considerably within the region, based on what I have seen in some of my recent travels. Let’s hope and pray this heat we are presently experiencing doesn’t dominate the next 60 days as we know can happen, or we will be in a shortfall real soon there, also.

Preliminary rumblings of the cattle market that I am getting thus far, is that we are looking at another year of good prices. That is great news. It is too early to get any reports on the hay markets within the area, but I anticipate we will be looking at the very least, about the same as last year.

In the big picture, I noted a few recent world events taking place that I thought were significant that may affect all of us as we move forward in this journey of life. Not so long ago, we heard of an earthquake in Nepal that measured 7.89 on the Richter scale that included severe aftershocks, causing much destruction and loss of lives.

Almost daily now, we hear of a warring group of people call ISIS, that has been torturing and killing Christians by shooting, beheading, and crucifixion. The number killed thus far is in the thousands, and they have declared the United States as one of their future targets. These people are determined and are not negotiable. It will take more than sanctions to stop them. The lives our serviceman lost in liberating Iraq may be for naught with this militant group now controlling a third of the country that was once liberated, and pushing for control of all that country.

We know Iran is continuing to develop a nuclear arsenal without restraint, and they already declared Israel and the United States as their enemy. Ask yourself why Israel and U.S.? This is ancient Persia. Learn what role they play in future prophecy.

Seems every week now, we hear reports from our news media depicting police here at home as out-of-control, using unnecessary lethal or brute force, trying to make racial differences as the potential motivator. So is this true? Or is our news media trying to put a dramatic twist in their report causing our society to back away from supporting the men who are hired to protect us? This will only result in ultimate chaos of society if left unchecked. We need to support our police force, or a total breakdown in society will result.

Just recently we learn of a young man who entered a church and shot and killed 9 people, including the pastor. When he was interviewed by the police, he said he did it for the purpose of starting a racial war. So, read the above paragraph again, and decide for yourself who we should blame.

And just the day before writing this commentary, the country of Greece experienced a financial meltdown, resulting in all banks closing their doors. Contemplate on where you would be if all the banks closed their doors in this country. Don’t think it can’t happen, as it has before, and is predicted by financial consultants to happen again in the very near future. With the current debt this country is carrying, we are far from being liquid, and we are in bondage to our creditors as long as that debt is owed. But that is a subject for another day.

Many of you are aware this is the year for the fourth blood moon, which is to occur on September 23, 2015. Historical evidence proves that significant world events occur in years that have had blood moons. Could it be we are going to witness another year of significant change for this earth and mankind? Time will tell, but time may be running out to make up your mind on what side you are going to stand……

“And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth: Blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.” Joel 2:30-32

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