Circle T Barrel Series, NRCA finals entries, Roughstock Series, S.D. rodeo calendars |

Circle T Barrel Series, NRCA finals entries, Roughstock Series, S.D. rodeo calendars

Finally feeling a little like fall with some cooler temps and wind pushing the clouds along. Still pretty nice though, and a big improvement over last October.

The time change that happened this past weekend will take a little while to adjust to. We once again cut a foot off the blanket on one end to sew 12 inches onto the other end. I wish they’d just leave it one way or the other. It’s not just milk cows that have a hard time adjusting!

I’m pretty excited over the election finally being here. Of course I vote in every one, as it’s a privilege accorded to us and should be viewed as such. Sometimes the selection is a little thin, but my thought is that one shouldn’t complain about the outcome if they don’t vote in the first place. All the mud slinging ads on television and radio have worn me to a frazzle. Apparently, unlike what our mothers taught us, the mantra is: if you can’t say something nice, then you ought to be writing political ads. I’ll sure be glad when it’s over.

The Circle T Arena north of Hermosa, South Dakota is going to be having a barrel series. The first one is on Nov. 9. I’ll have more info and dates soon, but you can find out more about this one by calling Jim Tiltrum at 605-209-8064. If he doesn’t have the info I’m sure he can tell you who does.

Entries for the NRCA Finals Rodeo will be open Nov. 10 from 3-8 p.m. at 605-855-2277. The Finals will be Nov.r 10 at the Event Center, Rapid City, South Dakota.

The Professional Rough Stock Series will be coming to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Arena in Rapid City, South Dakota on Nov. 15. The Saturday event will begin at 7:30 p.m.

AQHA Stallion Breeding Reports are due in by Nov. 30. The Stallion Incentive Fund nominations are as well.

The South Dakota high school rodeo kids are selling 2015 rodeo calendars now. The funds raised from the sales help the national team with travel expenses, so it’s sure for a good cause. Each contestant has to sell a minimum number and some of them sell well over a hundred. The purchaser of a calendar also gets their name in multiple drawings for cash prizes, so you have a chance of winning your money back! The calendars feature great photos of the 2014 season champions.

This is a ways off, but you can pencil it onto your new 2015 calendars anyway. There will be a Ken Smith two day pole bending clinic April 18-19 at Huron, South Dakota. For more information, call April Zilverberg at 605-871-9056 or email her at

The Dawson Jackpot Association has set it’s dates for 2015 and they’ll start April 30 and run through early August. The jackpots will be at the Ted Casey arena at Glendive, Montana and will have barrels, poles, goats, flag race, breakaway and dummy roping for all ages. Call Autumn at 406-939-1832 or Nicki at 406-939-0503. You can also find it on Facebook under Dawson Jackpot Association.

Here’s my semi-weekly reminder to get your stud colts gelded. There’s no good reason to wait if you know you’re going to geld him anyway and it takes away the risk of running him around the fillies and mares. I’ve ridden some really good horses sired by a yearling or not-quite-yearling stud so don’t think it can’t happen. If you plan on selling him he’ll be much easier to sell and a back yard breeder will be less likely to raise a foal because “foals are just so darned cute.”

Well, that’s my circle for another week. Please send me any upcoming events, fundraisers and suchlike and I will be plumb tickled to share them here. I enjoy hearing from you folks even if you don’t have an event, so use that email and let’s have a visit. Have a blessed week.

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