Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: 2019 |

Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: 2019

Lord, as 2018 draws to an end,

I thank you for the good days, and for the bad.

For the times endured, enjoyed and embraced

For the love and the joy, as well as the tests and the failures faced

And, looking ahead, I thank you for the opportunities still to come

That will begin to unfold in days not yet done

For those very days themselves I am preeminently grateful

I know they are numbered, and strive to live them in a way not wasteful

I’m grateful for this life of revolving optimism

Where we plant seeds with both faith and pinpoint precision

Then care for that crop until its fruit we can glean

A wonderful lesson in believing in what is yet unseen

I truly love these acres where my children roam

And the roof and four walls that they call home

May they go down the road to what lies beyond

But know they can always return and still feel as though they belong

And Lord, I pray the calves this spring come small and full of vigor

That their mothers are good and certainly not kickers

May the crops we’ve planted and those awaiting the ground

Bless us with their bounty when their day comes round.

May our machinery run when we depend on it most

May we find issues while small and before they’ve had time to grow

When we expand or make a purchase please guide our minds

Let the decisions we make find favor with Thine

I pray for our leaders who know Your name

Asking you to impart on them wisdom as they play the game

That they may do the work necessary for us to live

In this land we call home, and take pride in again

We fervently pray America remains for our children

Where they can worship Your name without fear of persecution

As well as this industry that feeds the nations

Let it remain an honorable vocation

Ultimately I pray your will be done

And that I see your hand in every outcome

For within each breath are lessons to be learned

May I grasp them and not leave your blessings unturned

I look forward to experiencing all You have planned

For myself, my beloved family, and this piece of land

Within this new year all shiny and clean

Thank you for making 2019!

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