Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: |

Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude:

Big calf, little calf

Red calf, black calf

Bull calf, heifer calf

Anyone have an extra calf?

Milk cow’s calf, short-eared calf

Wait a minute, she has two calves

Forward calf, backward calf

Won’t that heifer ever calve?

AI calf, bull bred calf

Who is throwing white on calves?

Ugly calf, pretty calf

Will likely keep that heifer calf.

Cold calf, wet calf

Welcome to the porch, calf

Dumb calf, smart calf

Stay with your mom, calf

First calf, last calf

Every cow in-between’s calf

Healthy calves, doctored calves

Had to rope that calf.

My calf, your calf

Sometimes hard to tell whose calf

Full calf, hungry calf

Honey, will you feed that calf?

Displayed calves, hidden calves

Did that cow ever calve?

Slow calves, fast calves

Whew, finally got a tag in that calf!

Recorded in the book calves

No idea who they are calves

Smelly, make-your-eyes-water calf

Yep, that’s a scoured calf.

Wise, old cow’s calves

Young, dumb heifer’s calves

Every kind of mother to calves

Are you out of the neighbor’s bull, calf?

Early calves, late calves

Planned calves, “oops” calves

Lots of money wrapped up in calves

Really tired because of calves.

Running, jumping, playing calves

Mama cows who love their calves

Way of life depends on calves

Thank you Lord, for the task of tending calves