Day Writing: A Holiday Recap |

Day Writing: A Holiday Recap

Day Writing

I am holding onto the holiday mindset a little longer than usual this year. This could be the result of having a toddler and enjoying all that entails over Christmas, or the fact that all my decorations are boxed, but still sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Or it could be that we just literally kicked the tree out the door a couple days ago.

Here are a few tidbits I’ve taken away from Christmas, 2017.

I am that parent. The one who, upon seeing her little boy play with his cousin’s train set for hours on end following his inaugural 1880 Train Polar Express ride, did a last-minute swap on his big Christmas present. Yep, the toy I had purchased before Thanksgiving is still sitting in the closet, benched until his birthday. A wooden “choo choo” took main stage at the very last minute. Next year I will wait until closer to Christmas to make my major kid purchases, assuming he has moved on from trains by that time.

Hanging half a windmill (the wheel/fins) on your wall will completely short circuit every man you know. Now, if you’re a woman of discerning taste and would like a windmill on your wall, I have learned how to accomplish this. The keys are to first find a windmill in another man’s junk pile, that he considers junk, and ask if you can have it. Asking your husband if you can hang “another piece of junk” on the wall will get you nowhere. Then set a delivery date, such as over the holidays. Upon delivery, ask the men to pack it in and set it an as “in the way” of a location as you can find. Then sweetly ask about hanging it after they have gawked and asked if you are certain you want the monstrosity in your house at all. Having fed them well and choosing a day with subzero temperatures helps. I assume this technique will also work for any similar item you want to put in your house.

Every baby will grow twice as fast as normal after you’ve given out their size to friends and family for Christmas gifts.

Not all kids destroy Christmas trees. I’ve heard the horror stories, and I have a very busy boy who loves to help and considers roughhousing an hourly ritual, so I was a little leery going into tree decorating. But, the little guy was stoked about helping, and after getting the lights on the tree where they weren’t a temptation to streak through the house dragging, he helped carefully hang all the ornaments. From completion on, he would occasionally take off a single ornament to show someone, then attempt to rehang it. Every morning he would plug in the tree lights (can’t all two-and-a-half year olds plug things in correctly…), and he never tried to destroy it in any way. I’m hoping this does not lull me into complacency only to have his sister think the tree is a jungle gym next year.

Taking your children’s Christmas card picture is never a good idea. Trust me. Never again. Take them mid-fall or use candid’s if you don’t or can’t get a professional family session in before the holidays.

Tractor supply stores cannot be trusted to keep your husband’s gift a surprise. I was happy to hear they could ship the items in plain box and put the packing slip inside. Perfect. My husband can sniff out John Deere green paint or tractor accessories a quarter mile away. Said box arrived half destroyed, and as my husband sat it down in the house he asked what it was, then, “Oh, never mind, it says right here on top. Tractor mirrors!”

Upon opening his known gift Christmas morning, he took out the packing slip. On the bottom was the note, “Plain box, put packing slip inside. Christmas gift for husband. Surprise.”

Leftovers from your mother’s Christmas dinner make perfect side dishes at your holiday meal.

When you have kids, New Year’s Resolutions take on a new meaning. Mine was uttered shortly after “ringing in” the new year at 2 a.m., to the tune of, “I resolve that my children will sleep better in 2018.” I’ll have to let you know how that turns out.

Have a blessed 2018!

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