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Day Writing: Heaven will be a party

Day Writing

Right now, church for our family typically consists of watching Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah on television each Sunday morning. His latest series of sermons focus on God’s love, and two weeks ago he discussed the fact that because God loves us, he wants us to be with him, hence creating the opportunity for us to join him in heaven following our time on earth.

That’s pretty straight forward, but what has stuck with me since is the part of his service where he discussed how truly fun and joyful heaven will be. It’s not that I haven’t thought of heaven as fun, more that I’ve tended to focus on the seriousness of getting there. Eternity isn’t something I want to mess around with, so my thoughts regarding heaven have always been rather, well, serious.

But I now realize I have been missing a big part of the picture when thinking about heaven. As the sermon explained, God is who provided man with adrenaline, imagination, passion and excitement, and it’s logical to think those traits will be personified when we arrive at our eternal home.

I now imagine a big part of heaven will a culmination of all the pure things that bring our souls joy, manifested beyond our human ability to comprehend. There will be the work one loves without the human burdens of aches and pains, time limitations or money concerns. Conversations with people that may have preceded or followed us to heaven that can go on for days or weeks. Serving and rejoicing in God’s presence without the frustrations of earthly persecution or ridicule. The energy and ability of youth combined with the mental aptitude and wisdom of age.

That sounds like the ultimate party – not the kind we think of on earth or that some people wrongly tout regarding hell. No, this will be the greatest, longest gathering of people who love one another doing things that bring them joy in the presence of God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Unmatched and unimaginable in our current selves, it will make our best days on earth pale in comparison, and it will never end.

How exciting is that to look forward to!? While the matter of making sure we will be in heaven is still a very serious thing, thanks to this very season we have that ability. Easter marks the time of Jesus paying the ultimate price for our sin, overcoming death, and providing the opportunity for all of us who accept him into our lives to one day follow him to “the Father’s house” as Dr. Jeremiah noted. A Father who laid down the life of his only begotten son that we may be saved. That certainly sounds like a reason to thankfully and joyously celebrate for an eternity.

As we move beyond the Easter holiday for another year, may you and yours remain focused and uplifted by the joyful eternity it ensures us.

Day Writing

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