Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: Potty training drama |

Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: Potty training drama

Lyle, my three-year-old, started getting lazy and wetting his pants with increasing frequency a few weeks back as the weather cooled and he went from running around naked to wearing actual clothes.

After pondering this over countless loads of urine-soaked jeans and various forms of imposed discipline that all failed, I developed a plan. I ordered him some cotton underwear featuring trains, his favorite thing, and simultaneously ordered him the girl version of Pull-Ups, since the boy version featured, you guessed it, trains.

We have a while before we eliminate Pull-Ups at nap or bed time. But, I thought the girl version would be less cool, and in combination with the new underwear, we might take a step back in the right direction on the potty training front as a whole. I was certain I had thought of the perfect solution.

A few days later, the new Pull-Ups arrived. My son grabbed his scissors and opened the cardboard box to see what it contained. Discovering Pull-Ups, he opened that box as well. I waited with sweet anticipation for him to discover that not a single pair featured Percy the train.

The flaps folded back, Lyle dug out his new Pull-Ups and studied them. Then, his face lit up, and he practically screamed in excitement, “Look mom, KITTIES!” He proceeded to pack them around with pride for several minutes as he periodically mentioned some had one kitty and others had two kitties. He even had me take a picture of him holding them.

My chin was on the ground, my pride even lower. What a humbling moment as a mother. Utter failure, much to my innocent child’s delight.

A few days after the Pull-Ups, the new underwear arrived. Lyle was even more ecstatic over them, and after trying all five pair on, determined he needed to wear them all. At once.

Thankfully, that idea wore off after a couple days, and, he has only had one accident while wearing his train underwear. I have also learned which pair he thinks should be worn backward to better feature the trains, and those tend to stay tucked in the dirty clothes basket longer than the others. Overall, the new train underwear are a roaring success.

But, with every nap and bed time we pull out a pair of pink Pull-Ups featuring kitties. I now have to chuckle, or flat laugh at how my plans played out as we choose between a pair featuring one, or two, kitties.

As my mom said, those Pull-up people know their target audience and are excellent designers. And my child is a lover of both trains and kitties, as I knew ahead of formulating one of my best laid plans in parenting.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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