Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: Another October Snow Storm |

Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: Another October Snow Storm

Another year, another forecasted winter storm in the first part of October.

Yesterday morning I sat in a tractor cab, watching our cows trail in to the tempting bucket of cake and round bale of hay. Radio stations repeatedly warning about the winter storm rolling in with an amount of snow none could agree on. But, there would be wind, they could all agree there would be wind.

Six years to the week after the remarkable Atlas blizzard, and here we were, once again preparing for a one-day shift from nearly 80-degrees to a full-blown winter storm.

As I meandered to the neighboring pasture full of trees and creek bends, Humpy the cow, thus named for the camel-like hump in her back, fell in behind, leading the bunch toward protection.

I bought Humpy from my brother following Atlas, and she has been an exceptional cow. There were other cows added to our herd following that storm trailing along behind my tractor, too. Several missing that would have been present if not for Atlas. It wasn’t easy sitting, then moving slowly along with all those cows, as the storm rolled closer.

Then the Laura Story song, “Blessings,” came on the radio, with a chorus that says:

“What if Your blessings come through raindrops

What if Your healing comes through tears

What is a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You’re near

What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise.”

Sometimes God just reaches down into the world and talks to us, and that’s what happened to me yesterday.

In spite of all Atlas did initially, when we look back six years later, it was by and large a blessing to us. It initially brought great loss, but was followed by vast examples of what God can do through those who seek to do His will. We are far better both personally and professionally for having gone through that storm than we would be without having experienced it.

In this year of seemingly never-ending weather issues, from floods to fires to blizzards, we have often prayed those impacted would feel a comparable degree of God’s love and blessings as they rebuild.

Looking at our world as whole, these are serious times. I have often pondered if these seemingly increasing catastrophic weather events are among the difficulties affiliated with the last days. It makes sense to me that difficult times would bring those who know Christ closer to him, equipping them to stand firm and conduct good works.

Perhaps that is the true purpose for year after year of early October snow; to remind us of our blessings derived through hardships, which ultimately cause us to draw closer to God and reaffirm our faith in Him.

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