Day Writing: Fall gear guide, ag mom style |

Day Writing: Fall gear guide, ag mom style

Day Writing

As we wrap up the fall cattle run and harvest season, and simultaneously drag catalog and after catalog out of the mailbox with the latest in fall/hunting/harvest/vehicle gear “needs,” I had the idea to share those items in my mom gear box that I am grateful for all the time, but particularly during this busy time of year.

1. Foam filled stroller tires.

Oh, yeah, the local tire shop will do this. They may grumble and groan a little, but after approximately two thousand miles on gravel and zero flats, it was worth the frustration they endured to keep this piece of equipment rolling for me.

2. Stroller bug net, and rain cover.

My mother got me these two accessories, and they’re both great. The net has an elastic band and can be put over a stroller, carseat and about anything else imaginable. On this fall of never-ending flies, it has seen a lot of use. My four-month-old also finds the net itself fascinating, and that can be a big help when she needs to be entertained for a few minutes. The clear, plastic rain cover hasn’t been needed much this year for its designated purpose. However, it also blocks the wind and keeps kids warm in their stroller on the cooler, blustery fall days. 

3. Ju-Ju Be, “Be Quick” bag.

I’m sure there are other brands, but you can search this one and get an idea of what I’m talking about. This was also a gift, and not one I anticipated using much, to be honest. But, it is just big enough to fit a couple diapers and wipes, a small book, snack and/or toy. This little bag goes nearly every day. The handle clips on one end, and is designed in such a way that it can be hung from a saddle, four-wheeler or stroller, or tossed into any vehicle. It is also durable, washable, water resistant and a color combination my husband doesn’t overly hate. 

4. Super-powered Mugs

One of those new, highly insulated mugs that touts to keep your drink hot or cold for hours. I purchased one recently and the first day I put my coffee in it, the very last sip a couple hours later was still nice and warm. I don’t remember the last time I had an entire cup of warm coffee. 

5. Hand-me-downs.

From clothing to gear to toys and walkers, I have learned to never say no to hand-me-downs. Having an extra piece of equipment your baby can hang out in while preg checking or a high quality used coat for your toddler that can stay in the work pickup is invaluable. We have a hand-me-down walker that lives in our hog barn, and allows me to get an incredible amount of work done, without deep cleaning it every time we head back to the house. If I have something I do not end up using, when the opportunity presents itself, I pass it along to another mom.

6. Online Shopping

All those last-minute needs and forgotten items, via online shopping. Maybe this isn’t for you, but, when we ran out of band-aids, wound tape and children’s Tylenol in a single day (they weren’t all needed for the same person), I easily surpassed what was required to get free shipping from Walmart, and it will be here before I make it into town next. With two small kids, a corral full of freshly weaned calves and hogs to work, the thought of passing on a big shopping jaunt has never sounded sweeter. I also wait a few hours to check out, allowing my mom brain to randomly remember other items I have been meaning to purchase. I realize there are some places where you nearly grow old waiting for UPS or FedEx to actually make the trek to your place, but for those not in that situation, this is a game changer. I don’t even feel self-conscience about smelling like manure or wearing sweats while I shop.

May you and yours have a blessed fall!