Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: May

The belt came off the dryer

The tractor, it won’t start

The last cow refuses to calve

Nobody in town has the right parts

If it was scattered across the living room all winter, it’s now in the yard

The culprits are long gone on a full-fledged adventure

Random reports back while grabbing snacks

Bedtime before sundown, oh, what a downer

Husbands are grouchy

No one dares ask why

It changes by the minute some days

Trying to figure it out will make someone cry

Fields need planted, and fertilized and sprayed

Brandings are being scheduled at a rate of three per Saturday

Fences need fixed, water gaps put in

If it would just rain it might feel like a win

Year-end concerts, field trips and permission slips galore

Overlapping with summer sports, swim days and more

Meetings and gatherings and volunteer trainings

Don’t these people have anything else going?

Road construction that feels like a personal vendetta

Whoever put out cones has never pulled a trailer

Irritated phone calls asking what’s taking so long

Let’s ask the flagger, he’s surely known all along

If you have a little time, there’s one dry cow needs gathered

The mouse nest in the tank overflow is becoming a hazard

I’m out of clean jeans, and socks

Watch the kid’s stuff, their pockets are plumb full of rocks

If any of this sounds like your place

May I remind you, this weekend is Mother’s Day

And whether she’s a literal mother, or not

Show some appreciation to the woman who deals with a lot

This is a good time for a token of gratitude

Perhaps a gift, a card, or moment of quiet solitude

After all, if you make it through May

It is followed by June, and you’ll need her to help put up the hay.