Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: Too much, too little |

Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: Too much, too little


Many years ago, I was at a bull sale. Partially for work and partially as a customer.

I knew several people, and wound by a longtime friend as the sale started. As the lots rolled through the ring, we caught up on life, which led to him saying he was going to get engaged, and he filled me in on this perfect girl.

Then, he said it took him a long time to decide, but, he ultimately chose her over me because, “I don’t want my wife to know more about cattle and ranching than I do.”

I was a little slow to come around the sharp 90-degree corner the conversation had just taken, and simply sat there as he continued explaining what had apparently been on his mind for some time.

I still feel bad for the folks who had to ride home with me, as the sting of the conversation hit about the time we were leaving.

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself in a situation where I was repeatedly told, and treated as though, I knew nothing about cattle, or ranching. Absolutely nothing.

What were the odds I would allegedly know both too much, and nothing, about a subject that was among my lifelong passions.

This next part is as much for myself as anyone who reads this.

Whenever we are focused on man, we are going to encounter the stings of being too much, or not enough. Be it for a job, project, partnership or a relationship.

But, God placed our passions and desires within us for a reason. When we focus on Him, the human response loses much of its sting. We can better enjoy those things He purposely placed on our hearts to pursue during our time on earth. And, when we are focused on that, He can better lead us to the people who will support and encourage us in our passions, as well as to those we can most effectively share Him with.

I have never lost my love and interest in cattle or ranching. Yes, it is somewhat unique, I guess, to have a gal deeply interested in cattle genetics, reproduction, and management. Who studies EPD’s and pedigrees regularly, and has a genuine interest in continuously learning more on the subjects. But, that’s just how I’m wired.

Today, I have a wonderful husband who puts up with me picking through every single semen catalog each spring, and explaining all the latest twists and turns I’ve come across on the quest to find the perfect bull(s) to use. He generally holds his tongue when, in his mind, I take little longer than necessary to make a decision on a replacement heifer, or cull one for something he doesn’t find issue with. And, he allows a fair number of blue butt gilts into the replacement pen, though he personally prefers Chester Whites.

He has mentioned over the years that most wives don’t give two hoots what bull the heifers are bred to. Most aren’t even around when replacement heifers are sorted (the horror), and he has never met another man whose wife gets mad when he orders boar semen without talking to her about it first. Usually he says these things in good humor, occasionally in exasperation.

You see, God took me where I needed to be, and added to and increased my interests and passions in ways I could not even imagine. I had no idea pig genetics were just as interesting as cattle genetics before I married into hogs.

May this encourage you to pursue your deep interests, no matter how unique they may be. Our job isn’t to question the gifts, talents and interest that are laid upon our hearts. Our job, which sounds so simple but can be rather difficult to implement, is to use them to the best of our abilities for His glory.


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