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Excuses, excuses, youth rodeo, Buck and Ball, BHSS events, Christmas

First of all, I apologize for not having my column in last week. Perhaps no one noticed, but I had a good reason to miss. I was in the middle of moving and it was quite an ordeal. There were a few days in there when I didn’t even know where I was much less where my laptop and brain were, so, I bowed out of my job for a week.

I have relocated to a ranch northwest of Buffalo, S.D. and am finally home. My cows and horses had moved a while back, but the house was still undergoing some upgrades, so I had to wait a bit. But, I’m here now, I have the coffee pot and cups located and usable, so drop in and we’ll have a visit. On the subject of moving, having lived at the last location for 24 years, I swear that the next time I move it will be in a body bag.

There are a few events coming up despite the Christmas and New Year’s lull in activities, so I’ll tell you about them. The Great Plains Youth Rodeo Association will be having a youth rodeo at Brown’s Arrow B Arena, Ponca, Neb., on December 30-31, 10 a.m. both days. There will be peewees 8 and under, juniors 9-14, and seniors 15-18 divisions. For more information, go to http://www.freshstartfuturity.com/great-plains-youth-rodeo.

Don’t forget the Buck and Ball New Year’s Eve at the Cam-Plex, Gillette, Wyo. You’ll get to see many of the WNFR contestants and roughstock there and it’s a great time, believe me. I’m probably going to miss it this year, but make sure you don’t.

Thar’s Kickoff Ranch Sort will be January 13-14 at the Event Center, Rapid City, S.D. at 8 a.m. both days. Entries will open from 8-8:30 a.m., the sort will begin at 9. Call 605-355-3861 or go to http://www.blackhillsstockshow.com for more info.

The Mini Bareback Finals will not be held this year during the Lakota Nations Invitational, so it’s been rescheduled. It will be in May at the Three Mile Creek arena, Porcupine, S.D. and will include a school during the event. I’ll try to keep you posted on the date when it’s set.

The Black Hills Stock Show is fast approaching, so I’ll start sharing some of the events here with you here. The Open 4D barrel race will be Feb. 4 at the Event Center. The office will open at 8 a.m., open arena 8-9, exhibitions at 9-noon and the open 4D at 12:30. The youth side pot for 14 and under will run with the opens. New this year is a three horse match race bonus sidepot off Open/youth. For details on any of this, call Amanda at 605-490-7661.

The biggest news in the world is, of course, Christmas. The day when we celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus. It has become a huge commercial holiday, as you well know, but that’s really not what it’s all about folks. It’s about a child sent to be the Savior of the world, born in a lowly stable amongst the animals, visited by shepherds, and threatened by a king. Jesus Christ, God’s own son, sent to redeem all of us from sin. What a simple concept, really. Ask Jesus into your life, confess your sins, believe that he died on the cross for those sins, and he will enter your heart and be waiting to greet you in heaven when you die. All of that and he came in the form of a baby.

Decorating a tree and our houses, shopping for gifts, getting together with family and friends is all wonderful for sure. I will be blessed beyond measure to have my grandboys here for the entirety of Christmas vacation from school and we’re going to have a big time. The excitement of those young boys and their anticipation of the whole Christmas celebration will make me smile and relive my own childhood of celebrations with our large, noisy, loving, blessed family. Believe me, though, we will be talking about the real reason for Christmas. Jesus is most definitely the “reason for the season” at my place. I hope you all have a blessed and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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