GMOs are disastrous |

GMOs are disastrous

Dear Editor,

Having just read the article titled “Technology is not the enemy, hunger is” by Lucas Lentsch in the August 1, 2015, paper, I feel obligated to share my concern.

GMOs threaten the diversity and purity of seed which will leave disastrous affects (Mr. Lentsch failed to mention this side of the equation). the need for GMO crops is being promoted in the name of battling world hunger and is a prime scare tactic by special interests and mega biotech companies whose only interest is not the welfare of the people but rather to ensure their income keeps flowing for years to come. America and the world (thankfully some parts of the world already has) needs to wake up and realize this is not what we want for ourselves and our children.

I am surprised that Tri-State Livestock News printed such an article and hope to never see it printed in your paper again.


Gideon Troyer

Moore, Montana


Thank you for your heartfelt response to Mr. Lenstch’s opinion piece. As I’m sure you know, Tri-State Livestock News does not endorse or support political candidates or any elected or appointed officials. We do, however, take our responsibility for dispersing news very seriously. It is crucial for our readers to learn about the ideas, thoughts and actions of our political leaders. In particular with the upcoming elections we hope to help you make informed deisions all along the way and we encourage you to contact any political figures to share your support or opposition for their positions. And keep writing letters to us! We are happy to help you voice your thoughts.