GMOs maybe not so safe |

GMOs maybe not so safe

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the recent article titled ‘Technology is not the enemy, hunger is,’ written by Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch. Mr. Lentsch states that “Despite being the subject to a great deal of controversy, the overwhelming scientific consensus is that GMOs are safe.” With all due respect to the Secretary, he may be naïve enough to believe that the “overwhelming scientific consensus” is unbiased, but there are those of us that are not so easily convinced. A simple look at the global warming hoax and the “overwhelming scientific consensus” backing all kinds of absurd environmental regulations and economically crippling proposals, will allow those willing to see, the true agenda. Control.

Our planet will always be able to produce the food necessary to feed the world, I believe without the use of GMOs. However, the problem is getting the food from those who produce it, passed those who control it, to those who need it. Perhaps a more fitting title for a better article would read, ‘Technology is not the enemy, government controlled hunger is.’


Todd Peterson

Fairburn, SD