leonard wolfgram: HAY FEVER

Jake caught the hay fever

He really had the bug

It finally rained after two years

He had a hay crop to put up

He drove into town at blazin’ speed

Gonna get mower parts come what may

His enthusiasm to fix stuff up

Left his bank account mostly drained

His wife said; “Have you lost your mind!

Take it a little slower

Ya bought parts to fix things up

Ya even painted that darned old mower”

But Jake had blinders on

His mind glued to the task

Even bought a can of Panther Piss

To give them rusty bolts a bath

Got out his new Crescent wrench

Plumb focused as he chuckled

Till the new Crescent wrench rounded off a bolt

He took the hide off his right hand knuckles

Not to be deterred

He was delirious with delight

Thinkin’ of all them round bales

But the mower was puttin’ up a fight

Bought the 5th time he barked them knuckles

And he cussed that mower in vain

He started to lose his enthusiasm

A thought flashed through his brain

He was bleedin’ from both hands

His machinery a pile of jjunk

I know what I’ll do he thought

I’ll hire my hay put up

So he talked it over with the Mrs’

She said , “now you’re talkin

We could save the hide on your hands


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