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Ham: Disappointed in Guebert column

Concerned Ag Journal Readers consider this.

This morning I came across the opinion column by Mr. Alan Guebert entitled “Lies that Started Capitol riot will be remembered” dated January 22 2021. I was so disappointed by Alan’s lack of perspective on this subject that the paper quickly found its way to the trash bin, but a few hours later I decided it needed a response, so I reclaimed it and reviewed.

Alan begins his narrative by describing the sanctity of the US Capitol and some of its noble history. I agree with that completely and I am proud to live in a country which allows the freedom of its citizens to abide by a constitution created and defended by men of high intellect and foresight that is grounded in the fundamentals of God and Integrity.

After Alan’s prelude, he takes on the approach so many liberals like him adopt. They wrap themselves in the American flag and constitution for what it has represented since the days of George Washington while at the same time attempt to change its stripes and rewrite history to the way they would like it to be. He is clearly trying to disingenuously link the small group of pre-organized rioters as spokespeople of President Trump and his Make America Great Again movement 80 million strong. This is clearly an attempt to expedite a mountain of political capital gifted to the left by the actions of a violent few. President Trump opened the eyes of millions of Americans to the icky corrupt swamp in Washington DC and big tech media. Furthermore, Alan argues that the 4 years of leadership under President Trump were years of lies and deception and that he incited the Capitol mob to riot. He insinuates treason by the president to question the honesty of an election that by all accounts was chaotic and irregular. Alan, like all the “mainstream” media and big tech social network think that 80 million conservative constitutional voices should just shut up and accept the outcome of an election that to this point has not reached a discovery process in a court of law because the judicial branch is afraid to listen.

Let us take a moment to review some of the last 4 years to expose truths that people like Alan fail to analyze because they have been swept off their feet by the irresponsible “mainstream” sources. From day 1 President Trump was viscously attacked by a poisonous media “group think” mob and by an outgoing Obama administration that tried to set a trap utilizing deep actors within the government to conspire a manufactured Russian collusion coup attempt. They illegally surveilled his campaign, violated FISA court rules, tried to strong arm General Michal Flynn into untruths in exchange for his freedom, and trampled on the constitutional rights of many lesser figures they thought could be coerced. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was known to have illegal and unsecured servers in her basement and maliciously scrubbed 30 thousand emails which were the property of the United States people while she was Secretary of State. We saw the Obama IRS thugs target members of the TEA party who peacefully rallied for their movement pre 2016. We saw candidates Biden and Harris accuse President Trump of killing 300 thousand people because of Covid 19 when the truth is, he set the course for a vaccine in a short 9 months saving thousands of lives. We saw a corrupt press and the social media giants bury stories of Hunter and Joe Biden dealings with Chinese and Ukraine oligarchs and government officials for personal wealth based upon influence of their political position in the leadup to the election. We saw an American president censored and eventually removed from social media. We saw the left champion “Defund the Police” while cities burned, business destroyed, and statues of American history toppled to the ground by young people criminally misinformed by our education system especially at the university level. Meanwhile President Trump relentlessly supported our heroes in Blue and border agents that risk their lives to protect our sovereignty. We saw Nancy Pelosi tear up a State of the Union Address on national television and lead 2 house impeachment proceedings. The first was a mis characterization of a presidential phone call that had a documented transcript to prove its legitimacy. The second was based on a lie that President Trump rallied a violent mob to breach the Capitol building and was impeached without any opportunity to defend himself. I, like the President, condemn this small group of people, which also contained groups of Antifa among its ranks, but I stand firmly with the thousands of peaceful election protesters on January 6 who at least wanted a hearing on the floors of congress about the evidence of election fraud.

So where are we now? Make no mistake about it, the current agenda of the Biden administration and media is to reduce your 1st and 2nd constitutional rights, and as Farmers and Ranchers, to infringe on your private property rights. They will seek to acquire and redistribute your farms thru increases in income, property, net worth, capital gain, and death taxes. The threat of the “green new deal” proposals will have enormous impact on the costs of production in our energy dependent ag businesses. Overreaching environmental policies and regulations will dictate the stewardship of your land and progress. President Trump was fighting for us. He was a little salty in disposition, but his intentions and actions to put America first was genuine and effective and that is the true reason the left dislikes him with such ugly passion. But, with the help of Covid 19 and all its gyrations upon common sensibilities of governance, the left was able to steal the election. I will always believe that to be true, along with almost half of America.

In conclusion, there are so many more issues that cry out of hypocrisy of Mr. Guebert and his political kin, and I think he should remember who is reading his opinion. It is people like me, rural, conservative, faith based, and informed. I am not inclined to promote the “cancel culture” of the left that is now on full display, and I am glad the Ag Journal provides him a platform from which to opine. Anyone who took the time to read my response and agrees with its content please put a pen in your hand and voice your thoughts. We must be able to stand up even at the local level. Conservative America First ideas will win if we can just push though the storm. If we stand strong, Mr. Guebert’s column title may be correct, but not from his point of view. It will be his propaganda that is exposed as untruthful. From deep within the basket of “Deplorables”….I ask you to consider.


Kenneth Ham

Creekside Charolais

Holyoke Colorado


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