In response to “Mississippi Churning” by Alan Guebert |

In response to “Mississippi Churning” by Alan Guebert

Once again Mr. Guebert takes a jab at the Beef Checkoff Program and the Farm Bureau Federation.

If not for the detrimental publicity, Mr. Stokes remarks about USDA following its own rules would be laughable because Mr. Stokes, as a director of the Mississippi Farm Bureau board, did not adhere to the policy of his own board.

Mr. Guebert could not pass up an opportunity to “dig” the self-help checkoff program for beef and the Farm Bureau Federation both, of which, are bad from his perspective because they are big which makes them inherently bad!

We, livestock growers, are harvesting grass to produce a product which hopefully will be appealing to customers around the world.

Constantly, we must apply research, experimentation and advertising to make our product more desirable at a price that is affordable.

With livestock industry friends, such as Mr. Stokes, who has sided with the Humane Society of the United States, who needs enemies!

The HSUS is committed to the demise of Animal Agriculture – Make no mistake about this.

Recently HSUS has made token investments in some animal shelters to bolster their image – do not be duped.

JW Nuckolls

Hulett, WY