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Legislators trying to tax us again

Bobby Giesse
President, Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming

Normally I am addressing the people of Wyoming’s Ag industry but, just like last year I need to reach out to ALL Wyomingites!

Once again the great people, businesses and industries of Wyoming, are under extreme financial attack…ALL OF US! Worse yet it is by our very own State Legislators! The people we have elected to represent us and our interests.

Last year our legislators attempted to pass numerous taxation’s upon us, our businesses and products (for example the Gross Receipts, HB51, 2018 Legislature) but they failed, miserably, because the people of Wyoming spoke up and resoundingly said NO. I felt we spoke loud enough for God himself to have heard but apparently not. Or, maybe they really don’t feel that they need to represent us or even need to listen to us.

Well here we go again, the 2019 Wyoming Legislature. Dejavu. Just look for yourself, don’t take my word for it. Look up HB 233, HB 220, HB 67 and on and on. These bills are none other than personal income taxes, business income taxes, eliminations of exemptions for sales taxes on groceries etc. If you think this is not real and headed our way than think again, because it is in the minds of most of our Legislators. Just look at HB 220, the National Retail Fairness Act, which is legislation “IMPOSING AN INCOME TAX ON BUSINESSES.” Quote, unquote, straight out of the Bill! On 25 January, 2019 it passed 3rd reading of the House by 44 yeas, 14 nays and moved to the Senate for introduction. Don’t think it stands a chance to pass the Senate, once again, think again. Just look at the Bill and how many Senators are sponsoring it. Ten Senators, ten! Yep, that’s already 10 yea votes on this Bill before the vote even takes place. Do the math, that’s already 25 percent of the Senate!

Then look at HB 233. The powers that be are so confident they even named it “Income Tax.” No fancy camouflaged name like “National Retail Fairness Act,” nope, but why worry after all it is only a personal income tax on those individuals and businesses with a taxable income of $200,000 or more. Must be Wyoming Legislators definition of the “extreme rich.” You know, the “tippy top top” that need to “pay their fair share” as most of today’s politicians love to be quoted as saying these days! Mark my words if this bill passes, in a few years they won’t stop at $200K. It would not surprise me one bit that if this passes, next year they will be voting to change it to $20,000 or $2,000 or maybe even $200. They just need to get their foot in the door, then your pocket!

I don’t get it. I thought the people of Wyoming spoke loud enough last year but, I guess not. So, this year we need to plainly and clearly tell them how we really feel. Very loudly and in large numbers! Every citizen of this Great State needs to voice their opinion! Blow up their phones and emails. Tell our Legislators any way you can loudly and clearly so they finally hear us.

In closing also look at HJ009. A Bill to permanently ban state income tax in Wyoming. We need to applaud these Legislators Grey, Salazar, Bebout, Biteman and Hutching for their courage to sponsor this Bill and stand for fiscal responsibility in our State Government!