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Jan Swan Wood: Delbridge fundraiser, CFR wins, Larry Larson clinic, bull games

Fall work has continued full swing despite the nippier temps and some snow. I made the gather of the water tank goldfish yesterday and was very proud of myself for waiting until the ice was four inches thick and required an axe to get through. There was about two inches of water left underneath, so the fish were still alive but a little sluggish. Sluggish made them easier to capture at least. They are much happier in the heated water tank and are swimming about merrily.

We’ll be shipping calves tomorrow so am hoping the post-election die off of the market has recovered. Didn’t look too shiny last week. I’m hoping I can report a good price on the best calves we’ve ever raised. Dry year and all, we couldn’t be more pleased with them.

It’s time to step up and return the blessing to some people who have so blessed all of us over the years. Karen Delbridge, Red Owl, SD, has been hospitalized for over a month with complications from an infection in her knee. Most of you know Harold and Karen from the years of ministry, rodeo announcing, marryings and buryings that he’s officiated at. They ranch near Red Owl and are just two of the nicest folks you’ll ever know. There’s going to be a fundraiser and benefit for them called the Cowboy Poetry and Holiday Jamboree on Saturday, Dec. 1, at the Wall, SD, Community Center. There will be entertainment, vendors, book signings and a meal for a donation of $20 per head. They need items donated for the auction too. Please contact Mel at 605-798-5141 or email Slim McNaught at http://www.slimscustomleather.com for more info. If you want to just send some monetary aid directly to the Delbridges, their address is 18688 Red Owl Rd, Red Owl, SD 57777.

I heard that Ray Crowser, Whitewood, SDb had open heart surgery recently and is being held captive, at the time of this writing, at Rapid City Regional Hospital. Upon the surprising discovery that he has a heart (sorry Ray, couldn’t resist), they performed six bypasses and one valve replacement on him. I’m sure a card or a call would make the time pass faster for him during his recovery.

Congrats to Jeff Grill, Ardmore, SD, on his third place calf roping finish at the National Senior Pro Rodeo Association Finals held in Las Vegas, NV, the first weekend in November. He competes in the 40’s division.

Also, congrats to Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, SD, who won her third Canadian National Finals Rodeo title in the barrels by placing in all six rounds. Trula Churchill, Valentine, NE, placed third. Also at the CNFR, JR Vezain, Cowley, WY, won the barebacks; Dustin Bird, Cut Bank, MT, and Paul Eaves, Milsap TX, won the team roping; Chason Floyd, Ludlow, SD, was second in the steer wrestling.

Mark your calendars for the Mike and Sherrylynn Johnson clinic that will be Feb. 2-3, at the Cunningham Arena, Sheridan, WY. There will be tie down roping ($350), breakaway roping ($325) and goat tying ($275) with a discount for doing both breakaway and goats. They’re only taking eight people per event, so get your $200 deposit in right away to beat the crowd and the Dec. 15 deadline. Contact Tamara Mann at 307-752-9615 or email btqhorse@msn.com. See http://www.johnsonsportline.com for other info.

Larry Larson, Rapid City, SD, photographer extraordinaire will be having his annual Equine Photography Clinic May 10-12, 2013, at the Highview Ranch Quarter Horses, Rapid City, SD. There will be class time plus lots of camera/horse time. This clinic always fills super fast, so get ahold of him right away if you want to get in. Call Larry at 605-393-0900 or email him at: llp@rap.midco.net.

Congrats to all of the SD high school rodeo athletes who were chosen to compete at the 20X Showcase during the 2013 BHSS on Jan. 27. I look forward to seeing you all compete.

I was amused by this news item, mostly because I wasn’t in on it and didn’t have to clean up the mess. A bull escaped the Worland Livestock Auction and lead the salebarn crew and local law enforcement on a nearly two mile, 15 minute chase through Worland. The bull, seeing an open doorway and apparently hoping for a hiding place, ended up in the basement of a Worland home. The local vet, who described the bull as being “mean, grumpy, upset and excited” finally had to tranquilize him after attempts to coax him out of the basement failed. The 1,400 pound bull left quite a bit of damage in the basement, and I’m sure some stains, before they removed him and returned him to the salebarn. Imagine that homeowner writing that up in their Christmas letter.

Well, that winds up my circle for this week. I hope to report a record breaking price for our calves next week. Send me your info and I’ll be happy to share it here.