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Jan Swan Wood: EHV-1 in Utah, Homely horses update, Barrel clinics, Fundraiser for Kevin Hill

I hope most of your place is still standing after that windstorm with snow that we had! We didn’t get but an inch or so of snow and most of it was on the west side of things. Lots of folks are calving now so it’s good that it didn’t last any longer. The wind produced quite a crop of shingles on the ground so I guess I know what I need to be doing in the near future.

At the Timed Event Championship held in Guthrie, OK, at the Lazy E Arena, the South Dakota brothers did us proud. It was won by 2002 and 2008 TEC winner Daniel Green. Second place was Paul David Tierney, Oral, SD, and his brother Jess Tierney was 5th. Way to go, guys!

There’s been EHV-1 confirmed in four horses with one suspect in Cache County, UT. Two of the five have been put down due to their condition. The Utah State Veterinarian has issued quarantines at two facilities but no restrictions of any kind outside of the county. Cache County is where the city of Logan is located in the far northern part of Utah next to Idaho.

Speaking of EHV-1, a veterinary epidemiologist from University of California-Davis, has found that when horses and mules have been exposed to EHV-1, though the disease showed up in blood tests on 58.5% or the horses and 54.2% of the mules exposed, some of the horses got sick but no mules actually showed clinical signs of the disease despite having been exposed. This study was done on horses and mules at a northern California pack station during an outbreak. It appears that mules may have a resistance to the disease but could be what they call “silent shedders” that are healthy themselves but carry the disease to horses that are comingled with them. Knowing this, it will help others who run the two together, to be aware that a resident mule could be a carrier if there’s an EHV-1 outbreak. Sure something to keep in mind.

Last week, I told you about the BLM’s 700 homely horses going to Montana. I have more info on it that will probably fry your circuits like it did mine. The ranch is the Spanish Q Ranch near Ennis, MT, and they have a 10 year contract with the BLM to keep the all gelding bunch. This is what made me gasp: They are being paid $41/head per month to run these horses on pasture. Since you don’t have your calculator by your recliner, I’ll do the math for you. That’s $28,700 per month or $344,400 a year we are paying to run those horses. I can certainly understand why the ranch is willing to take them! That dollars out just a smidge better than cows. I think I may have just put my finger on one more thing the government could have cut funding for instead of USDA inspectors. The only bright spot in this whole thing is that it will give the wolves that no longer live in Yellowstone Park something to eat as the horses age and slow down.

The next barrel race of the Golliher Spring Series will be March 16-17, at their arena between Belle Fourche and Spearfish, SD. If you need more info call the Gollihers at 605-642-5363.

Lynn Kohr is holding a barrel racing clinic on March 15-17, at Big Piney, WY. There will be a jackpot on Friday night with the clinic held Saturday and Sunday. Call Sara Amerine at 307-231-1721 or email her at 23feed@centurylink.net.

There will be a Sue Smith barrel racing clinic at Miller’s Horse Palace near Billings, MT, on May 13-14. Sue is a two time WNFR qualifier. The clinic is limited to 12 students at a cost of $500 which includes lunch both days and two stalls. Call Valee at 406-672-3265.

There’s going to be a benefit team roping and auction to help with medical and living expenses for Kevin Hill of the Gillette, WY, area on April 6, at the Camplex. They need items for the auction and you can call Sara Laubach-Hill at 307-689-3030 for information about that. There’s been an account set up at First National Bank in Gillette too. Entry information can be found at 307-660-0280, and entries open at 9 a.m. and roping starts at 10 a.m. Kevin contracted bacterial meningitis the beginning of January and spent a month in Casper fighting for his life. He is now in Elkhorn Rehabilitation center recovering. It’s going to be along haul so please help all you can. I’m sure prayers for his full recovery would also be welcome.

I would also appreciate prayers for my friend Will Stearns, Newcastle, WY, who has been hospitalized and is on a long road to recovery. He’s the husband of my mentor and predecessor, Rhonda Sedgwick-Stearns. He’ll hopefully be out of the hospital by the time you read this.

Well, time to go put my horse up and call it a day. Send me anything you want me to share. Always glad to hear from you.