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Jan Swan Wood: Founder warning, more BHSU inductees, wild race, fundraiser

We got a little more snow yesterday and last night, but now the sun has broken through. I can’t remember the last day we had sunshine! I know everyone is ready for some. We’ve had enough moisture that some sunshine and a warmup is going to bring on the green grass.

In view of that green grass arriving, besides grass tetany in your cows, you’d better be paying attention to your founder-prone horses and any other horse that is of the pony, draft, or easy keeper persuasion. They can founder very quickly on this fresh green grass that is coming with the cold weather. Watch out for signs, such as a horse walking stiffly, favoring it’s front feet, or laying down a lot. If your horse has a cresty neck and is already fat, it can happen with minimal grass. If it’s one that has foundered in the past for any reason, just put them in the corral and keep them off the green grass. You can’t “un-founder” one once it’s happened, so be ahead of the game. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

At the Black Hills State University Rodeo Hall of Fame induction, four ladies were also inducted along with Jerry Golliher. College rodeo standouts from a few years ago (I won’t say how “few” as they are mostly my age!) Judy Petera, Cindy (Simmons) Goeringer, Shari (Simmons) Johnson, and Kayla Rayhill all rodeoed a the same time for BHSU and absolutely smoked the college finals one year as a team. These wonderful gals represented rodeo at it’s finest throughout their rodeo careers. Congrats ladies! You all set the bar pretty high for the rodeo girls who followed in your footsteps!

I watched a video of a Thoroughbred race that was at Pimlico Race Course on April 13. A four-year-old bay gelding, Spicer Cub, lead the race nearly from the start, going to the lead right out of the gates from his outside position. He lead them clear around the first turn, then spooked at something and ran wild to the outside rail. His jockey, Xavier Perez, guided him back to the pack and regained the lead. He again took over the race and just past the second turn, at the head of the stretch, he bolted again, this time running wild toward the starting gate which was parked parallel to the outside rail. The jockey had blown his irons (stirrups) at this point, and Spider Cub ran between the gates and the rail, which is a very narrow pathway, and was still running wide open when he cleared. Perez, with his legs hanging down, took to spanking him and caught the field and overtook them with authority, but lost the race by a nose to Turbin. I think this was the wildest horse race I’ve ever watched and no one got hurt. That jockey can flat ride and Spicer Cub must be able to fly. He ran a much longer race than any of the others and still caught them to place second by a tiny margin. Had the race been a few yards longer, he probably would have won it. If you have internet and want to see it, go to http://www.bloodhorse.com and type in Spicer Cub in the search bar. It’s sure worth the watching!

The AQHA’s member services website is back in operation after a revamping and upgrade that took several months. All normal on-line services are available once again.

A fundraiser to help with cancer treatment expenses for Bob Schall will be held May 18, at the Ronan County Fairgrounds, Ronan, MT. There will be a barrel race and team roping with half the entry fees being donated to the fundraiser. An auction and dinner will follow at Ninepipes south of Ronan. For more information, call Jeff Brander 406-745-3163 or Sjann Vincent at 406-644-2863.

Marvin Garrett is bringing back the very popular Stars of Rodeo Unite event to the Black Hills Roundup week July 6. Held at Belle Fourche, SD, the event will feature some of the top rodeo hands on stage behind the grandstand, telling stories and talking about their life in rodeo. It was a great time last year so mark it on your calender!

Sally Jewell has been confirmed as the new Secretary of the Interior, replacing Ken Salazar. In an 87 to 11 vote, the senate approved the appointment of the former chief executive of REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.). She has also been an oil engineer and a commercial banker, but has never served in public office. I hope she is friendly to the people dependent on public lands grazing and realistic about the BLM’s feral horse epidemic. At least she isn’t a professional politician and has business experience. That’s a very new concept in the Washington crowd.

I just read about an Indiana dairy farm that uses fuel derived from cow manure. The 30,000 acre farm milks tens of thousands of cows and utilizes the mountains of poop from the cows to power their operation. They also use this fuel to run their fleet of 42 tractor/trailer rigs that haul milk to nearby states. The renewable resource is sure diminishing their carbon footprint and making use of a readily available commodity. Wow, just think of the renewable resource of bull poop that is generated in Washington! That could fuel several states, plus Air Force One and Two. What a concept!

Well, on that note, we’ll call this circle done. Send me your news and events and I’ll share them here! Happy spring!