Jan Swan Wood: It’s relative, WNFR notes, barrel/pole clinic, silly stuff

We got some snow over the weekend. There were six or seven inches, I suppose, then wind, so we have some drifts to waller through all winter. It’s always a good reminder as to where the snowfence needed to be.

Just before the snow, we sold some cull cows for a very good price at the salebarn. One of those cows was old enough to get married in any state and brought over $200 more by the pound than I paid for her years ago as a broken mouthed cow. Pretty amazing. To put it in perspective, though, I topped off the diesel in the pickup and that was over $100 (it was nowhere near empty) and picked up a few sacks of cake for what dollars out to over $400/ton. At the store, I easily carried $60 plus in groceries out in my arms, too. Maybe they didn’t bring that much after all.

I got a very nice note from Harold Delbridge this week. He and Karen want to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity at the fundraiser that was held for them in Wall, SD. They were overwhelmed by it all and humbled by it too. It’s always easier to give than to be on the receiving end. Karen had surgery on her knee on Dec. 12 so hopefully that will get her on the road to a complete recovery. Your thoughts and prayers will be appreciated while she heals up.

At the PRCA Awards Banquet, held at the beginning of the WNFR in Las Vegas, our regional entities did very well. The Deadwood Days of 76 Rodeo won the Medium Outdoor Rodeo award for the 13th time; Cheyenne Frontier Days won the Large Outdoor Rodeo; Dusty Tuckness, Meteetsee, WY, won Bullfighter of the Year; Sutton Rodeo’s Chuckalator won Saddle Bronc of the Year; and Rorey Lemmel/Stace Smith Rodeos won Stock Contractor of the Year. Congrats to all!

There will be lots more to report from the WNFR next week, for as I write this, it’s just past the halfway mark. Trevor Brazile, Decatur, TX, has cinched his 10th All Around title by placing third in the team roping in the fifth round. This gold buckle brings the tally of Trevor’s World Championships won by a cowboy in multiple events to 17. It’s his seventh straight all around title too.

Seth Glause, Cheyenne, WY, got his nose rearranged during the second round of the bull riding. He still placed fourth in the round, then won the fifth round too. He has added a helmet to his gear to protect the rest of his pretty face.

Cole Elshere, Faith, SD, rode the great Burch Rodeos’ horse Lunatic Fringe to an 83 to win the fifth round of the Saddle Broncs. He was one of only three to make a qualified ride on that pen of tough horses. He’s having a wonderful finals so far. I know everyone is very proud of him!

There will be a Barrel and Pole Clinic put on by Lynn Kohr and Kelly Caldwell on Mar. 1-2, 2013. On Mar. 1 it will be poles, adult and high school level, with 10 students, $100. Mar. 2 there will be barrels, kids to jr. high age, in the morning, 10 students, $100. That afternoon there will be barrels, adult and high school level, 10 students, $150. This will be held in Barn 3 at the Camplex, Gillette, WY. Call Lynn at 307-680-5271 or Kelly at 307-685-1063.

With the recent cold snap and all, I hope folks are remembering to chop some ice for their horses. We’ve wintered our horses out on pasture and they got along fine grazing and eating snow, but if water’s available, they do better if they can drink. If you’re feeding hay, it’s critical that they have water. We know of some folks that have lost several horses over the years due to impaction from eating hay without water. They just won’t eat enough snow to get adequate liquid to deal with the hay. I can’t imagine a more painful way to die and wouldn’t wish it upon anyone or anything.

Here’s a little deal that is expressly for the purpose of making you do something fun without spending much time or effort. While seated, cross your leg and start rotating the toe of the elevated foot in a clock-wise direction. While continuing to rotate the toe, write the number six in the air with your finger. Your foot will instantly start rotating the other way, every time. This is something you can whip on anyone and be nearly assured that they will try it at least once. There, you tried it and it made you smile, didn’t it?

That’s my circle for this week. Have a great week and don’t forget to send me any news items or events you would like to share.