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Jan Swan Wood: Selenium warning, rodeo info, congrats, lots of clinics

I know some folks from near here that have had a situation arise from feeding multiple types of feed supplements to their horses. One of their broodmares was lame for a while without any sign of injury, getting progressively worse. A few days ago, she was laying down and wouldn’t get up. That’s when it was discovered that the hoof capsule had come off of two of her feet, with the others very loose at the hairline. Though she exhibited no mane and tail loss, selenium poisoning was the obvious culprit, as it can cause the hooves to abscess and come loose at the hairline and eventually fall off.

We are in a rather high selenium area, with other areas in the Black Hills region being even higher. Most places are low in selenium, therefore supplements are a good idea for stock, as selenium is a required nutrient. In the case of this mare, they were feeding two different kinds of feed that had selenium in them. Either alone would have been fine under normal circumstances, but with our high selenium levels in the soil, water and forage, it was way over the safe levels for this area.

After reading labels, a change in feed to one without selenium was their first course of action. Due to the drought, they have bought hay from several different areas, though most in North Dakota. My research shows that some areas of North Dakota also harbor high selenium areas with plants that are known for collecting high levels of selenium in them. So, some testing of hay may be in order as well. They’ll be watching the rest of their horses for signs of toxicity, which include mane/tail loss and lameness due to abcesses of the coronet band. Selenium accumulates in the system of the animal, so it takes a while for that to dissipate as well.

This is a tragedy that could happen to anyone. These people were doing what they thought was the best thing for their horses by feeding plenty of high quality pellets and blocks. Sadly, this one mare got too much of a good thing and it cost her her life. Please, read those labels before you pour feed out to your horses. Even the trace mineral salt blocks can have additional selenium.

The situation in North Dakota with the neglected horses and donkeys has an update. The owner, William Kiefer, 63, has been charged with five counts of overworking, mistreating, or abandoning animals by the Morton County state’s attorney’s office. The same charges were filed in Burleigh County for four counts of the same. This is a Class A Misdemeanor. At the Morton Co. location, 119 horses and donkeys were seized and 96 were dead already. Three more have died since they were seized. In the Burleigh Co. case, 38 were removed with three found dead.

On a brighter note, this is belated congrats to Justin Lawrence, Alzada, MT, for his third place finish in the NRCHA Celebration of Champions Jan. 25–Feb. 2 in San Angelo, TX. He rode This Cats Sticky owned by Robin and Brian Dangel, Colton, SD for the win.

Golliher’s Spring Series barrel racing is kicking off right away. Dates are Mar. 3, 16, 17, and Apr. 14, with the finals Apr. 27. Held at the Golliher Arena south of Belle Fourche, SD, this is a fun one to go watch. For more info, call Gollihers at 605-642-5363 or email zgolliher@hotmail.com.

It sounds like there will be a new Badlands Circuit PRCA rodeo in Sioux Falls, SD, at the Empire Fair Aug. 10-11. It’s still pending approval from the PRCA but it sounds very likely it will happen.

The WPRA World Finals will be heading south to Waco, TX, Oct. 23-27. It’s been in Lincoln, NE, for the past three years. Doggonit, I always wanted to go while it was in Lincoln. Of course, going to Waco that late in the fall might result in me being a houseguest all winter of my brother and his family at Hubbard, TX. Wouldn’t they be surprised?

The Marcie Locken Memorial Barrel Race and Goat Tying will be Mar. 3 at the South Dakota state fairgrounds in Huron, SD. This is an open 4D. Call Ashley Worth at 605-769-0578 for more info.

There will be a steer wrestling clinic with WNFR champions Jason Miller and Luke Branquinho Mar. 23-24 at Riata Ranch near Cheyenne, WY. The cost is $400 for first timers with clinic veterans getting in for $350. The $100 deposit is due by Mar. 1 to hold your spot. Call Jeannette Christensen at 307-760-4182 for info or email her at christensen@acsdl.org.

If you like your horse to stop before stepping off, this clinic might suit you better. There’s a Brent Lewis calf roping school Mar. 21-24 at Broadus, MT. March 21 will have advanced breakaway, limit 10. Mar. 22 will have advanced calf roping, limit 10. The 23-24 will be a two day clinic limited to 15. Reserve your spot now by calling Rod Schaffer at 406-436-2235.

Well, that’s my circle for this week. Have a great week and try not to let the wind blow you away.

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