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Jan Swan Wood: Slave auction, Korkow School, McLaury Clinic, ranch broncs, our tax dollars at work

We had a couple of days without wind this past week. I had to go help some of the stock up when they tipped over without the wind holding them up. Non-native livestock aren’t born with the longer legs on one side to prop them up, you know.

The Belle Fourche High School Rodeo Club is having a slave auction fundraiser on Saturday, March 9, at the Branding Iron Steakhouse south of Belle Fourche on Hwy 85. The supper will be served starting at 5:30 with the auction of club members and a regular auction following. A Dummy Roping and dance will follow all of that. Those kids are all country kids that know how to work, so this would be a great opportunity to get some help around the place while helping a good cause.

The 28th Annual Korkow Ranch Rodeo School will be April 26-28. This excellent school will have Scott Montague instructing barebacks, Jeff Willert and Chad Ferley doing the saddle broncs, Fred Boettcher on bulls, and Cooper Waln on the bullfighting. There will be Jr. bull riding for kids 10-13 too. Call Jim Korkow at 605-224-5607 or check out their website at http://www.korkowrodeos.com.

The Early California Skills of the Rancho competition in Santa Ynez, CA, was held the first weekend in February. Some of our regional hands attended and did us proud. Placing third in the Open Calf Branding was the team with Wacey Kornemann on it. He grew up in the Belle Fourche, SD, area and still cowboys out in the country northwest of there. Winning it wasn’t just about who ropes their calves in the best time, and the judging begins when they step aboard their horse, so even the warm-up pen can effect your score. It’s all about fine horsemanship and cattle handling, and to place amidst that calibre of hands is quite an accomplishment.

Speaking of good hands, there’s going to be a Buster McLaury colt starting and horsemanship clinic May 17-20, at Brad and Beca Andrews place near Red Owl, SD. This is an exceptionally good clinic every year and is held at the Andrews’ nice facilities, so this is a great opportunity to learn a lot, no matter how long you’ve ridden or how green you are. Deposits have to be in by May 1, so call Brad at 605-515-0088 or Beca at 605-515-0027.

The 2nd Annual Championship Ranch Bronc Riding at Amarillo, TX will be May 25. The top ranch bronc riders compete, riding their stock saddles, on some super tough broncs. These are the real deal hands that can ride ‘em in the arena or if they pull the plug out on the ranch. There a limit of 40 entries in the Men’s division with a $15,000 payout and 10 entries in the Women’s division with a $10,000 payout. For entry information call 806-374-9722 or go to http://www.wrca.org. For ticket info call 806-378-3096.

If you didn’t get your Ag Census survey filled out, they’ve extended the deadline. If you can’t find it on the kitchen table, they’ll send you another one because they didn’t get the first one back. Danged aggravating, nosey, invasive thing, but they won’t quit until they get their answers. They sent us an additional form to fill out for details on our leased land. I wonder what all that paper cost us? At least it supported our struggling postal system with some serious cash.

Carr Pro Rodeo’s great young mare and PRCA 2012 Bareback Horse of the Year, MGM Deuces Night died Feb. 23. The eight-year-old had undergone a minor procedure on her right front foot, which had gone well, when she coliced. She was at the fine Elgin (TX) Veterinary Hospital at the time, so everything was done that could be. This phenomenal mare was great from the start of her career in 2010 and made three trips to the WNFR, with three of those six outs yielding scores of 88, 90, and 87 points. Kaycee Feild rode her to a 10th round win at the 2012 finals. The bareback riders loved her as she had made them a lot of money in her short career.

The BLM is moving 700 feral horses to a ranch near Butte, MT, despite the fact that neighboring ranchers question whether there’s enough pasture to sustain them and whether the fences will hold them when it’s gone. I’ve seen some of those massive herds of horses on private ranches that the BLM is paying a ridiculous amount of money per month to pasture and it’s not a pretty sight. I feel for the folks that are going to have to neighbor them.

That’s my circle for this week and it’s time to get off this windy ridge, so have a good week and pray for moisture.

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