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Jan Swan Wood: Updates, birthday greetings, driving clinic, BJA, geld those colts

The wind has about blown us away out here on Dry Creek. And it’s dry. I’m glad to hear that the eastern part of SD has had moisture, some in excess of normal even, so that they can have hope for a better year. The states south of us have had some too, so that also gives me encouragement. It’s getting closer!

I got a nice note from rancher Gary Babb and he wanted to let all of you know just how he’s doing. He was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer last winter and the prognosis wasn’t too good at the time. He has undergone three chemo treatments and is doing very well. He says he’s even still wearing his hair! He hasn’t been sick from the treatments either, so is feeling pretty blessed. He says that he is going to win this battle and that he’s feeling good enough to work in the wool warehouse this year. He wants to thank everyone for the wonderful cards, calls and especially your prayers. I know I’ll be continuing to pray for his complete recovery. The power of prayer is the ultimate medicine!

My dear friend Clarence Krogman has a birthday coming up on March 31. He’ll be 103! He’s one of those gems that I’ve treasured since our first meeting and admire him a great deal. A lifelong rancher, he’s forgotten more about it than some will ever know! He’s doing well and still living at the ranch. If you want to send him a card, here’s his address: Clarence Krogman, 27223 Surprise Valley Rd, White River, SD 57579.

There will be a driving horse clinic Saturday, March 23, at the Golliher Arena, Belle Fourche, SD. Meant for beginners, students will learn about how to harness, measuring for correct fit and more. Limited to 20 people, so call John Rice right away at 307-896-9131 or drivinghorsesmules@gmail.com.

The 2013 Belle Jackpot Association dates have been set. They are: May 29, June 5 and 12, July 10, 17, and 31, August 7, 14 (rain date) and 21. It will be at the Belle Fourche Roundup Grounds, and starts at 6 p.m. with exhibition at 5. There will be barrels, poles, goats, calf roping, breakaway and team roping going in two arenas for the peewees (cutest age group in rodeo) on up. You don’t have to be a member to compete but you do to get any of the great year end prizes.

The website for http://www.bloodhorse.com magazine has a great video on the blog site right now. It has a good story on Horse Creek Thoroughbreds, Newell, SD, and their program of giving Thoroughbred geldings off the track a new career as a ranch horse. They’ve had some marvelous horses through there and do a wonderful job. The video can be viewed by going to the website and finding Blog Stable, Beyond the Blinkers, “OTTB Program Highlight: Great Geldings.” Dale Simanton and Dorothy Snowden run the ranch and it’s worth going to visit them too, just to see what they do. The story has a link to their website on it, but you can also look at http://www.horsecreektb.com.

The world’s oldest known horse was put down in England recently. Shayne, a Thoroughbred/Irish Draught cross geldings was 51.

The South Dakota High School Rodeo kids sell calendars to help the national team go to the finals. Every rodeo contestant has to sell at least five to get to rodeo. Well, there are definitely some gung-ho kids out there! Lacey Hanson sold 200, Riley Jo Rutten 185, Brooke Olerich 133, and Riley Page 125. There were lots of kids that sold 50 or more too! That’s pretty impressive. Good job!

If you haven’t gotten your stud colt gelded yet, this might be a nice time to do it. Do it now and he can go right out with the other horses as a gelding when the grass is green. One has to remember that those yearlings can sure enough breed a mare, though it doesn’t happen often, and that they are also still fertile for a period of time after being gelded due to sperm that’s still in the cord. It will help his disposition, attitude and growth too, as geldings get bigger than studs. I can think of a few mature studs that could do with the same enhancement surgery but won’t name any names due to being a coward.

That’s my circle for this week. Send me your news items and I’ll share them here. I hope you are getting some moisture by the time you read this, and hope that I have to fix water gaps this spring. Pray for rain, folks.

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