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Jan Swan Wood: Wins at Vegas, TCRI Burch futurity and Buck and Ball, classes, clinics

I’ve sure enjoyed the little warm up and some days of sunshine. I was squinting like a mole the first day the sun was out with all the snow. It’s still white here but I’m hoping the predicted warmup happens and it bares things off a bit. I hate to have snow accumulate all winter starting this early.

We got the heifer calves weaned and everything pretty well in the pastures they’ll be spending the winter in. The shoes are pulled on the saddle horses and they’re turned out, though still close enough to catch one if needed. I can do a fair job of cowboying with a cake feeder from here on out.

Congrats to the Black Hills Roundup committee on the rodeo being named PRCA Medium Rodeo of the Year at the WNFR in Las Vegas. It’s a great honor and well deserved. They keep making it better every year, improving the facilities, adding events and keeping it fresh for spectators. Good job.

The WNFR isn’t the only thing going on in Las Vegas as there are many events being held that are just as exciting as the finals. One of them is the Rising Stars Roping held at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. Putting Buffalo, S.D. on the map was Sawyer Gilbert, Buffalo, S.D., who won the average in the 19 and under Breakaway roping. Sawyer is the daughter of Lloyd and Patty Gilbert. I’ll bet Grandma Linda and Grandpa Ray are poppin’ their buttons over this too!

Kyle Whitaker, the iron man of pro rodeo, won the Linderman Award for the fourth consecutive year and 10th time total. The award is earned from working both ends of the arena and winning at least $1,000 in three events. Kyle competes in steer wrestling, tie down roping and bronc riding. He’s proudly claimed by his hometown of Chambers, Neb.

New Year’s is coming up fast, so you probably ought be making plans to take in the TCRI Burch Rodeo Futurity and Bucking Horse and Bull Sale on December 30. Doors will open at 10 a.m., futurity starts at noon. The futurity will have 20 stock contractors bringing their best four and five year old horses and one any age saddle bronc for the short go. The bucking horse and bull sale will follow that. The Buck and Ball is the next thing on the agenda and the calcutta for it will be at 7 p.m. with the event to follow. You’ll see stock and rough stock riders there, many of whom just came from the WNFR, and it’s a fantastic show. After it’s over you can dance to Chancey Williams Band and bring in the New Year. All this happens at the Cam-Plex, Gillette, Wyo. Tickets for the Buck and Ball are available at CBH Cooperative, Ruff’s Bar, and Cam-Plex, all in Gillette or on-line at http://www.Cam-Plex.com.

If you’re from western Montana, the 57th Annual Horse and Mule Packing Class might be of interest to you. It will run Jan. 12 through March 5, with three hour classes once a week for eight weeks. Cost is $250 and there is a varied schedule for the classes to accommodate more people. Instructors are Smoke Elser and Jordan Knudsen and it will be at Smoke’s historic barn on the edge of the Rattlesnake Wilderness near Huson, Mont. Stock and equipment will be provided. Call 406-207-9388 for details.

The Montana Classic Skijoring Race will be Saturday, Feb. 2-3 at Gallatin County Regional Park, Bozeman, Mont. Races are at 11 a.m. both days. Skijoring is a wildly exciting sport and involves one person on a horse running flat out pulling a person on skis through a course with jumps. Personally, I’ll remain a spectator, but if you’re an adrenalin junkie, this might be the sport for you!

There will be a Joe Wolter Clinic Feb. 7-9 at the University of Montana Western, Dillon, Mont. It will offer horsemanship and cow work. If you’ve never met or watched Joe, you should. He’s a truly great horseman, teacher and a genuinely nice guy. For more information on the clinic,k call Eric Hoffman at 406-925-1499.

It’s early yet, but you probably ought to be thinking on the Southwest Select Broke Horse Sale in Bowman, N.D. if you have good saddle horses to sell. The sale is May 12 but the consignment deadline is March 11. You can get a form at http://www.bowmanauctionmarket.com/southwest-select-horse-sale.

Well, that’s my circle for another week. Have a wonderful week and be careful out there.