Will Ellsworth compensate for water pollution?

A while back South Dakota’s congressional crowd was in Rapid City, cheering on the chamber of commerce crowd announcing that the B-21 bomber would be coming to Ellsworth Air Force Base. However, probably not until 2025 and most likely long after the B-1 has faded from sight.

One question I have is why will there be additional hundreds more people coming in support. Will these planes require more people to keep them in the air? Another question I have is nobody asked, will our government accept the fact that the base is the most polluted piece of real estate in South Dakota. How will we as a nation compensate those whose water and land we have ruined with the use of fire fighting chemicals as well as other pollutants?

These people can’t use their water to grow gardens or to bathe in. Did any of the chamber of commerce and others (good Christians that you are) remember them in your Easter Sunday prayers or were you only thinking of the jingle of coins in your pocket supporting the worst kind of socialism, but covering it with a military blanket. Maybe Pat Buchanan was right, we are the world’s imperialists.

Marvin Kammerer

22198 Elk Vale Road

Rapid City, SD 57701